Golden Globes predictions smackdown: Tom O’Neil vs. Tariq Khan (podcast)

“You and I agree on so many categories at the Golden Globes that I don’t want this to be a boring podcast. You and I love fighting and our fans love to have us fight. Where do we disagree the most? And let’s go at it.”

With those words, Tom O’Neil (Gold Derby) cracks the whip at Tariq Khan (Fox News) and they begin the most entertaining pundit podcast you’ll hear this Golden Globes season. 

Tom and Tariq come out swinging over their picks to win the Golden Globes film and TV races. Who’s right? Who’s wrong? Who cares? — It’s just so fun to listen to!

Tune in to their podcast chat below in which they discuss the most formidable alternatives to top frontrunners like “Boyhood,” Julianne Moore, “Birdman,” Viola Davis, “House of Cards,” Jeffrey Tambor and Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

See Tariq’s predictions here. And Tom’s are here. See how their picks compare to other Golden Globes Experts here. When all of their forecasts are combined, they generate these rankings and racetrack odds. You can compete against our Experts and win $100 by adding your predictions here.

BELOW: Listen to Tariq and Tom’s riotous podcast chat in which, among other wonderful moments, Tom screams “Idiot!” at Tariq for having Moore so far down in his predictions for Best Comedy/Musical Actress.

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