16 hottest forums posts: Will Beyonce, Sam Smith or Beck win Grammy for Album of the Year?

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Peter Griffin: Sam Smith is not pulling an Amy Winehouse. He will most likely win 2 or 3 awards. 4 if he is lucky and embraced by voters.

PoweR: I think Sam Smith is a lock for three awards: Best New Artist, Best Pop Solo Performance and Best Pop Vocal Album. I think he has a very good chance at winning Song of the Year and/or Record of the Year. Both categories almost always go hand and hand. I don’t see why Sam can’t pull an Amy Winehouse. He has the most momentum going into the race. I say three is the minimum and five is the max.

Renaton: Songwriting goes way beyond just lyrics. It’s basically about the creation of all the elements in the music before a producer, the performersand the musicians make adjustments. If ROTY is about performance, production and general technical qualities of the recording itself, SOTY is about song structure, melody, and other composition aspects beyond the lyrics. In that sense, a song can have average lyrics and still be a great song based on other aspects of the music.

mikeboy898: Beyonce and Beck are the frontrunners. End of story.

JustGuy89: I’m sorry, I love Taylor Swift but Shake it Off would be such a poor choice for song of the year. I mean I like SIO for what it is just a catchy song, but it is not Grammy worthy and I don’t think she has a chance at winning. Her time is next year, she has way better songs on 1989 that deserve to win like “Style” or “Out of the Woods”. SOTY will definitely got to Chandelier, Stay with Me or Take Me to Church.

Pieman1994: So… do we all agree yet that Beyoncé will win on Sunday, or…? I mean, she’s the platonic ideal of all the nominees. The album not only feels important, and sold well, but it’s also extremely good. The critical acclaim is there. Even looking at the year-end singles charts, two of hers crack the top 100. She has the most going for her. BEYONCÉ!

PoweR: Stevie Wonder will be presenting Album of the Year. I guess I’ll switch my earlier prediction back to Beyoncé, since she seems to be the universal pick amongst all predictions. Still not feeling 100% about that prediction with Beck in the category, but I’m hoping Bey does pull it off!

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Gone Guy: I have three out-of-the-box predictions: Adapted Screenplay – “American Sniper; Editing – American Sniper; Original Song – “Lost Stars.” It’s really foolish to not predict “Glory.” It not only won the BFCA and Globe, but it’s the only other nom Selma received. After all of the backlash, there will be enormous pressure on voters of this category to vote for “Glory.” But in my objective and honest opinion, “Lost Stars” is the better song (“Glory” is a close second).

YourWrong: Upsets don’t happen at the Oscars anymore. There will be no risk taking or upsets.  Academy has become sheep. Will do what the Globes/Critics Choice/SAG tell them to do. Tom’s be on the winning team theory at play. It has destroyed the Oscars.

ETPhoneHome: I’m not sure if it’s still outside the box to predict Dawn of the Planet of the Apes for Visual Effects, but I’m not changing it.

FilmGuy619: Edward Norton possibly winning Best Supporting Actor. “Everything Is Awesome” winning Best Original Song. Inherent Vice winning Best Adapted Screenplay.

Ribs: Budapest wins everything it’s nominated for but Director (Linklater).

Very early 2015 Emmy drama predictions
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Webly: I’m excited for Bloodline, but I do not think it will score that many nominations. I want to wait and see how it is before I include it in any of my predictions. And, Empire’s only chance is Taraji P. Henson in acting.

mikeboy898: Would love to see Taraji P. Henson get a nomination. She makes that show and is chewing up ALL the scenery. Terrence Howard not so much, but he’s still putting on a great performance. Would love to see 3 black actresses in the Emmy line-up.

Gone Guy: I know the season isn’t over yet, but does Viola Davis have a slam dunk Emmy winning episode yet of How to Get Away with Murder? I’m asking here because I have only seen the pilot and don’t want to read any spoilers in the official thread. Since I did watch the pilot, I can attest that it is in no way a winning episode for Davis, unlike some network dramas (say Julianna Margulies in The Good Wife, which she foolishly didn’t submit).

MattArmando: Viola’s main problem is that her meaty, full, Emmy-worthy scenes are very SPORADIC throughout all of the episodes. There hasnt been an episode yet that has a multitude of strong scenes together… However, almost all of the first 10 episodes have a single scene that could easily win it all for her. She has a tremendous courtroom speech in episode 6, a scolding in episode 7, and a HUGE marital fight scene in episode 9 (which is at the moment her strongest episode and what she should submit).

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