Grammy poll results: Recording academy absolutely should add Best Pop Song category

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The Grammys award Song of the Year annually to the best written tune in all of music. And while there are separate songwriting awards for certain genres — rock, R&B, rap, country, American roots and visual media – there isn’t one for pop. This snub is particulary pronounced as there are awards for both pop vocal performance and pop album. So why do pop songwriters not get their own award? And should the recording academy create that category?

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We recently polled our readers about whether the recording academy should add this category to their lineup, and the results were decisive: as of this writing a whopping 85.96% of respondents believe Best Pop Song should be awarded at the Grammys, with only 14.04% wanting no part of this. 

Our forum posters furiously debated the lack of a Best Pop Song category at the Grammys. Do the awards really need it? Is the competition actually fairer without it? Read some of their comments below, keep voting in our poll, join the discussion in our forums and use our drag-and-drop menu at the bottom of this post to predict Song of the Year, where another pop contender, Taylor Swift‘s “Blank Space,” is currently tipped to win.

Final2: I think there should be [a Best Pop Song category] just because a pop song doesn’t win [Song of the Year] every single year.

Stripped: We have this discussion all the time. There is really no need for a Best Pop Song category since we have Song of the Year.

PoweR: Besides Grammy watchers like us, has the industry even made a big deal out of there not being a Pop Song category? They review the categories every year and changes are made, but there is still no news of there ever being a Best Pop Song. I really don’t think the industry sees it as unfair.

Mikeboy898: I firmly believe there should be a separate category for pop songs. There are some pop songs that don’t deserve to get general-field recognition (and have no shot in hell at ever being nominated for a Song of the Year-type of category) but should still receive Grammy recognition and be honored in the Pop category as being a solid pop song.

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