Grammys spark forums firestorm: Beyonce losses, Beck win, Kanye West antics

This year’s Grammy Awards sent our forum posters into a frenzy. Where was the love for Beyonce? What was Kanye West thinking when he tried to steal the limelight (again) from Beck? And just how many awards does Sam Smith deserve? 

Below, just a sample of their fiery reactions to this year’s winners (and losers). Read more of their posts and add your own here.

Beck pulls off Grammys shocker for Album of the Year, Sam Smith also wins big

Jason Travis: Beyonce will probably never win Album of the Year. If she couldn’t do it for this one- her most critically acclaimed ever- she never will. It’s a damn shame too. Once again the Grammys prove they are the most conservative awards group on the planet. Never assume the popular artist or favorite will win. You could hear the disappointment in Prince‘s voice. You could see why Kanye West tried to pull his stunt again. Because everyone knows this was supposed to be Beyonce’s. And again, she lost. 

PoweR: Beyonce would have been totally deserving of AOTY. Her album was her strongest material + it had a ton of impact. Let’s not hate here. But never underestimate the rock vote, veteran status and a possible vote split.

Gucci: Damn Grammys and it’s bias against urban music. Beyonce was robbed for AOTY. 

Final2: That moment when you realize Beyonce never won a album award…

Grammy Awards: Complete list of winners

kingofrapmusic17: And the winner for Biggest Mitch of the Year goes to Kanye West. Always gotta be mitching, but it’s Kanye being Kanye.

SkyLight: I kinda hoped #Hozier# would win SOTY but Sam Smith was the safe choice like Lady Antebellum a few years back. Next year…Taylor Swift????? 

darioc: Glad Sam Smith walked away with ROTY but SOTY should have gone to Sia or Hozier …Congrats to Beck on a well deserved AOTY win!

BenitoDelicias: Again, even hoping for Meghan Trainor to win just to not see Sam Smith get up again. Not an overall #1 fan of any nominee, but once again Sia was kind of robbed. Even Taylor could’ve been a more exciting choice after a string of boring choices. 

Early Grammy winners: Beyonce, Pharrell Williams, Eminem, Carrie Underwood, …

espnfan: I love the Grammys as much as anyone but good God almighty, they need to stop playing off winners. I love performances as much as anyone, but that is so disrespectful and crass to play off the major winner of thenights.  Especially with 40-50 minutes left in the night, you think they could let Beck or Sam Smith speak. 

24Emmy: Has there been a recent award show where someone didn’t complain it was boring? No.

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