Gold Derby’s founder Tom O’Neil tops all Experts predicting Grammy Awards winners

Gold Derby’ founder Tom O’Neil had the best score (63%) among the six Experts predicting the 2014 Grammy Awards at Gold Derby.

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While Sam Smith swept through several of his categories (record, song, new artist), there were some upsets throughout the ceremony. Among O’Neil’s best and most difficult picks were Beck (album), Carrie Underwood (country solo) and Weird Al Yankovic (comedy).

For our other five Experts who participated, Glenn Gamboa (Newsday) and Paul Sheehan (Gold Derby) are just behind with 59% correct. Edna Gundersen and Lyndsey Parker (Yahoo) are next with 55% right. Chris Willman follows with a 42% score.

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63% CORRECT (15 of 24)
Tom O’Neil (Gold Derby)

59% CORRECT (14 of 24)
Glenn Gamboa (Newsday)
Paul Sheehan (Gold Derby)

55% CORRECT (13 of 24)
Edna Gundersen
Lyndsey Parker (Yahoo)

42% CORRECT (10 of 24)
Chris Willman

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