Listen to ‘House of Cards’ cast dish Emmys and all those deaths

Like any great Presidential campaign, the First Family of Netflix had Emmy voters hanging on their every word at the “House of Cards” FYC event held Monday night at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Los Angeles. Following a screening of a season 3 episode, the Underwoods themselves (Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright) were joined on stage by Michael Kelly, Kim Dickens and showrunner Beau Willimon to discuss the show, cliffhangers, deaths and the shocking season finale. Listen to the Q&A podcast below.

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Willimon said bringing “House of Cards” to life could really be credited to both he and Netflix’s not really knowing what they were doing. “When we all teamed up together our own goal was to tell a great story. We happened to be at the right place at the right time. They took a big leap in placing faith in us and you know I think there’s a bit of a rebel in all of us where we said to ourselves: ‘Well we haven’t made television before, they haven’t made television before, let’s all make some television!’ And their sort of vision and courage was just the sort of thing that we thrive on. So it’s a great partnership.”

After three Emmy-nominated seasons and a fourth that begins shooting in June, you might say things have paid off pretty well. According to Gold Derby’s combined predictions, “House of Cards” will win the Emmy this year for Best Drama Series. It has leading 4/1 odds, just ahead of second-place rival “Game of Thrones” with odds of 9/2.

Spacey, who plays conniving President Frank Underwood, is coming off recent Golden Globe and SAG wins for Lead Actor in a Drama Series. He says the wins are fun and he doesn’t feel any pressure to be better next season because of them. “I enjoy it very, very much. The pressure that we feel is really internal. We want it to be the best show that it can be. I know Beau works so diligently with his team of writers to make sure the writing is at a really high level. And all that we try to bring and with our new cast members, as long as we can stay at that level then the pressure is really not there.”

Wright, who plays First Lady Claire Underwood, has taken on an extra role the past two seasons as a director on the hit Netflix series. Wright hints she’s enjoying it so much it could make for a career move. “Remember when we all had our first bite of the red velvet cupcake? That yum — and it’s still that. It’s the greatest thing. I don’t want to have a chocolate one anymore, which is acting. I don’t want to act anymore, I just want to do that. It’s phenomenal.”

Loyal right hand man and Chief of Staff Doug Stamper, played by Kelly, was thought to have met his demise in the season 2 finale but Kelly said he knew all along he’d be back, even if his own father wasn’t so sure. “We had talked about it. It was a cliffhanger and I was breathing when we shot that and every take I was breathing. And then I’m out of the country doing a film in a remote location with very terrible internet connection and I obviously didn’t watch the show and my dad was the first one to email me and he said, ‘Uh, I don’t know dude you look pretty dead to me.'” Spacey, in his signature President Underwood voice, was quick to point out that “No one dies who doesn’t deserve to.”

For more from the “House of Cards” stars including breaking the fourth wall, the season 3 finale cliffhanger and a growing “House of Cards” and “Deadwood” connection be sure to listen to our exclusive audio podcast below.

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