Top 24 User Trevor Cox predicts Emmys: ‘House of Cards’ for Best Drama Series

Last year our user Trevor Cox did so well at predicting the Emmy nominations — 21st place out of more than 2,500 predictors — that he’s now featured in a league along with the other Top 24 Users to predict this year’s nominations. (View his predix from last year here.)

The Top 24 Users did the best at predicting last year’s Emmy nominations (78.55%) when competing against Gold Derby’s Editors (77.68%), All Users (74.78%) and our Experts (74.64%). Which group will come out victorious this year? (See all prediction accuracy rates here.)

Cox is 23 years old and hails from Indianapolis, Indiana, where he’s an Associate Producer/Guest Relations for “Indy Style” on WISH-TV. We sat down with Cox to get a feel for what he’s currently predicting in the red-hot Emmy race for Best Drama Series. See Cox’s predictions below, and resist the urge to copy or steal them as your own.

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“My predicted winner for Best Drama Series is “House of Cards,” says Cox. “Rumors are this is the final season of Netflix’s first breakout hit, so what better way to go out than on top, just as Frank Underwood did?”

“A lot depends on the status of ‘Orange is the New Black‘ as well. Although I believe it is a comedy, I think it would fare better in the drama categories. Taylor Schilling‘s tape for the first episode of Season 2 is a flawless dramatic submission, and Lorraine Toussaint has multiple drama turns to choose from in Supp. Actress.

“Other contenders include a third Netflix series, ‘Bloodline.’ Not too much is known about it, but it’s debuting March 20th and it could surprise. Previous nominees ‘Game of Thrones,’ ‘Downton Abbey‘ and ‘Mad Men‘ (for its final half-season) should all be back, but don’t think any are prepared for the big win.

“New series ‘The Affair‘ (two Golden Globe wins, and my favorite show this season), ‘Better Call Saul‘ (great first four episodes from ‘Breaking Bad’ spinoff) and ‘Empire‘ (increased ratings in each of its first seven weeks) have a lot of buzz surrounding them to potentially get noms but probably not a win.

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“And what about the improvement for ‘Homeland‘? Season 4 was a HUGE step up from the lackluster third season. With seven nominees, ‘Homeland’ could sneak a nom. There’s an outside chance for a nom for CBS drama ‘The Good Wife,’ although buzz has died down since the shocking death of Josh Charles‘ character.”

Cox concludes, “At the moment, with three more full months of the eligibility period, ‘House of Cards’ looks like the safe bet to win Drama Series.”

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