Jay Baruchel dishes ‘cartoon come to life’ comedy ‘Man Seeking Woman’ (Exclusive Video)

Jay Baruchel tells us he has found the perfect pitch for his new FXX comedy “Man Seeking Woman”: “It’s a cartoon come to life!” During our recent webcam chat (watch below), the actor opens up about his leading role on the zany laffer, saying,“You really have no idea what it’s going to be from one scene to the next and who’s going to show up and what crazy stuff is going to happen.” As he readily admits, “I don’t know how many TV shows you can say that about.”

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According to the actor who plays Josh Greenberg, an unassuming young man navigating the dating scene, the narrative exists in an “elastic” reality, His misadventures often veer into fantasies that are largely inconsequential to the ongoing story. This makes “Man Seeking Woman” an unusual hybrid of sitcom and sketch show, which is not so surprising given that it was created by former “Saturday Night Live” writer Simon Rich.

Baruchel regards “Branzino” as his favorite of the first season’s 10 episodes. “I get surgically conjoined to a girl I’m seeing and then we take Eric André to the ‘bro pound’ that we find out is actually a ‘bro kill shelter’,” he recaps.

The second season will film later this year. Until then, Baruchel is busy making his feature directorial debut on “Goon: Last of the Enforcers”, the follow-up to “Goon” (2011). That hockey comedy was the top-grossing domestic film in Canada that year and he earned two Genie (Canadian Oscar) nominations for his supporting performance and the screenplay. He admits that directing has, “been my dream since long before I had any inclination to act — if you consider what I do acting, which a lot of people don’t.”

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