Thank you, Jay Penske, for 2 great gifts to Gold Derby

The best gift that Jay Penske could ever give to Gold Derby was adding us to his budding empire of the coolest media brands in Hollywood, but he capped it off with another present that we treasure, too — a trophy. How perfect for an awards site, eh?

On the night we celebrated the PMC acquisition of Gold Derby at a party at the Bel Air Bay Club on the beach at sunset, Jay entered the room with a big warm smile, thrust out his hand to say congratulations and handed me a white box wrapped in ribbons.

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Inside: the most thoughtful, perfect, precious gift I’ve ever received. Imagine all of the forethought and sensitivity that went into it!

Jay is a collector of many things – first-edition books, fine artwork, hot media companies – and intriguing hood ornaments to classic cars. When wondering what gift to give us, he looked for something with a horse theme, as in “derby” — something artistic and unusual. He located a whimsical, nickel-cast hood ornament from 1930 by Franz Hagenauer, manufactured by Wien Hagenauer Werkstatter in Vienna. As a connoisseur, Jay pays so much attention to detail that he even supervised the selection and carving of the marble base to mount “Nickel Hood Mascot Leaping Horse” and he added the words, “Gold Derby Welcome to the PMC Family.”

It’s a winner! And officially so …

Earlier that night, in order to add some fun to our party, I had brought along my personal collection of historic Oscars, Emmys, Golden Globes, Tonys and more. We plopped our new PMC award beside them all and – bingo! In that grand showbiz tradition of the feisty ingenue, our leaping horse upstaged them all!

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