Jennifer Jason Leigh, Kurt Russell dish ‘The Hateful Eight’ and Quentin Tarantino [Exclusive Video]

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“I felt like one of a great group of actors and lucky to be part of that group and embraced by that group,” says Jennifer Jason Leigh about being the only actress among a team of actors in the new film “The Hateful Eight.” In our recent interview (watch below), she adds, “I did not feel like the only woman in the group and just really felt like one of the guys in a certain way. And yet I also felt like they were looking out for me. But they didn’t clean up their language. There was no story that I couldn’t hear. I never felt excluded from anything.”

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In the latest movie from director and writer Quentin Tarantino, Leigh stars as Daisy Domergue, a fugitive being transported through post-Civil War Wyoming by bounty hunter John “The Hangman” Ruth. A blizzard forces them and other dastardly people to take refuge in a haberdashery, where there are lots of secrets and lies among the eight characters.

Kurt Russell plays Ruth, a man with strong convictions about his job and place in life. He says, “If he was just the kind of bounty hunter that (Samuel L. Jackson) is, there would be no story here. It’s interesting to me that Quentin chose that type of character to carry that burden. Of course, he is really good at what he does. It was fun to have that as a balancing thing for this big bombastic, uncaring human being.”

Leigh is a Golden Globe Best Supporting Actress nominee for this role and recently won with the National Board of Review. She claimed a Globe as part of the Best Ensemble Cast of “Short Cuts” (1993) and was nominated the following year for “Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle.” She is also nominated at the Independent Spirit Awards for her voicework in the animated film “Anomalisa” and has had past bids from that group for “Mrs. Parker,” “Georgia,” “The Anniversary Party,” “Margot at the Wedding,” and “Synedoche, New York.”

Russell is also a past Globe nominee for his supporting role in the film “Silkwood” (1983) and an Emmy nominee for the telefilm “Elvis” (1979). After an early career as a teen in lots of Disney movies, his resume has also included “Used Cars,” “Escape from New York,” “Swing Shift,” “Tequila Sunrise,” “Overboard,” “Tango and Cash,” “Backdraft,” “Tombstone,” “Breakdown,” “Miracle,” and “Death Proof.”

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Photo Credit: Courtesy of The Weinstein Company

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