Emmy champ Kyra Sedgwick dishes guest stint on ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ (Exclusive Video)

During our recent webcam chat (watch below), Kyra Sedgwick tells us that “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” came onto her radar because “my daughter was Miss Golden Globe the year it won a few Golden Globes. I watched them and I loved them so much. It really reminded me of ‘Barney Miller’ back in the day. I thought the dialog was really funny and it was incredibly well cast.”

When offered the chance to guest on the sophomore season of the FOX laffer, it was easy to say yes to the recurring role of Deputy Chief Madeline Wuntch. “I sort of pitched the idea she was incredibly offended and held this grudge forever that he [Andre Braugher’s Captain Holt] wouldn’t have sex with her. I’m not sure what was in their head but that was in my head, that when he outed himself as a gay man she took it as a personal front and made it her life’s mission to change that.”

To that end, Wuntch gave Holt extended patdowns to prove he wasn’t wearing a wire. “When you can do physical stuff like that it’s so wonderful. It was very meticulous; I mean everyone had a very clear idea of how they wanted it to be done.” The challenge came in keeping at bay “that thing where you are trying desperately not to laugh.” On working with Braugher, she says it was “such a surprise to see him in such a funny role.”

She admits, “I’m so used to being the host. When I was doing ‘The Closer’ for seven and a half years I was the host and my job was a different job; to make the guest feel comfortable. As a guest star, you try really hard not to bump into the furniture, and learn your lines, and make sure not to stink up the joint so they invite you back.”

The actress has submitted “Chocolate Milk,” the first of her five episodes, to the Emmys. “We felt like it was the introduction to her character. She had the most scenes and the most impact. And you could see me coming out of the bun for a second.” 

To find out what it was like for Sedgwick to finally win an Emmy for “The Closer” after four losses as well as her reaction to one-time co-star J.K. Simmons winning the Oscar this year, watch our full interview below. Then use the easy drag-and-drop menu to tell us if you think she will reap a Best Comedy Guest Actress bid for “Brooklyn Nine Nine” this year.

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