If Leonardo DiCaprio wins Oscar, who will internet obsess over next: Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper …?

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Leonardo DiCaprio has legions of fans who have long been clamoring for him to win an Oscar. He’s still looking for his first victory, but as user AMG points out in our movie forums, “His role in ‘The Revenant‘ could see him finally take home the gold statuette.” Indeed, our current Oscar odds have him in first place, just ahead of last year’s champ Eddie Redmayne (“The Danish Girl”). As AMG notes, should DiCaprio win after four losses, “The internet would literally break (and not like that molecular hairline fracture [Kim Kardashian] tried to cause). So if he did win, who would the internet be fan-boying over to seal the deal next? Bradley Cooper? Ryan Gosling? Emma Stone? Johnny Depp?”

Our forum posters, many of whom are Hollywood insiders, chimed in with their thoughts. Read some of their comments below, then click here to join the fierce debate. And use our drag-and-drop menu at the bottom of this post to predict whether this will indeed be DiCaprio’s year.

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FilmGuy619: Michael Fassbender. For me, anyway.

Sab21: In a perfect world: Glenn Close. But the internet doesn’t care about older actresses who are more than overdue.

TerenceFletcher: I’d say Johnny Depp or Bradley Cooper. Granted, I’m currently picking Depp to win this year, which would mean they’d still have DiCaprio to freak out over.

ETPhoneHome: If I’m right in believing that we’re talking specifically about young female [fans], then I think Ryan Gosling is the most likely candidate.

thedemonhog: Although Bradley Cooper has amassed four nominations, his first nomination was only three years ago. It has been 22 since Leo’s first, so I would say that Cooper actually feels over-rewarded right now.

24Emmy: Brad Pitt for acting because let’s be honest the internet doesn’t care about producing Oscars. I bet most don’t even know he’s won. Tom Cruise, Matt Damon (for acting), and Johnny Depp are right there with him.

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Photo: Leonardo DiCaprio at the Oscars, 2014. Credit: Jim Smeal/BEI/REX

Photo: Ryan Gosling at Cannes Film Festival, 2014. Credit: David Fisher/REX

Photo: Bradley Cooper at Tony Awards, 2015. Credit: BEI/REX

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