‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ wins FIPRESCI Grand Prix: Good sign for Oscar?

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On Tuesday, the International Federation of Film Critics (FIPRESCI) honored “Mad Max: Fury Road” with their annual Grand Prix award. Eligible titles were feature films premiering since July 2014, and “Fury Road” beat out “The Assassin,” “Son of Saul” and “Taxi” — all of which have already taken home major prizes from international film festivals this year.

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Recent winners of the award have gone on to Oscar success: “Boyhood” (2014),  “Amour” (2012) and “The Tree of Life” (2011) all won the Grand Prix before earning their Best Picture nominations. Does this give “Fury Road” the “street cred” among critics it needs to truly break into the Best Picture race? Five of our Experts have already placed it in their early predictions for a nomination, and it currently holds 50/1 overall odds when the Experts are combined with the collective picks of our Editors, Users and Top 24 Users (those two dozen folks who did the best predicting last year’s nominations).

“Mad Max” would be an uncommon choice for the Oscars, which usually eschews action, sci-fi and fantasy films, but the academy has made exceptions in recent years for films with a strong enough critical and cultural impact, like “District 9,” “Inception” and “Avatar.” “The Dark Knight” missed out on Best Picture bid in 2008, but it probably would have made the cut if that lineup had been expanded to 10 nominees as in subsequent years. And don’t forget the historic sweep by “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King” in 2003.

What do you think of “Fury Road’s” chances? Is there a strong enough mandate for it to override the academy’s usual biases?

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Photo: Tom Hardy in “Mad Max: Fury Road.” Credit: Moviestore/REX

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