‘Mad Men’ finale reviews: ‘That was perfection,’ ‘heart-wrenching,’ ‘oddly unmoving’ …

“That was perfection. All the characters got their due. A series finale that respects each character and yet wraps up its lead so well,” praises Gold Derby user JuanCas in our TV forum about the series finale of “Mad Men.” Our readers hold absolutely nothing back, so scroll down to see more honest feedback about Sunday’s much-anticipated final hurrah.

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Atypical: Oddly unmoving series finale beyond Don’s three person to person calls. I kinda figured that this would be more of a business as usual type episode that would only please the whims of Matthew Weiner, and sure enough, that’s exactly what it was. I guess it’s harder than not to make a series finale that hits all the right notes for all involved. “Six Feet Under” did it beautifully with “Everyone’s Waiting,” along with a few others.

Denis: I’m okay with Jon Hamm winning for the finale, of course Kyle Chandler has way more exposition in “Bloodline’s” episode 12, however, the emotional weight here is equally powerful, it broke my heart when he said “Oh Birdie,” that was just devastating and made me tear up so much I’m even embarrassed.

KevinDillon: I think this is a great tape for Hamm, while he does not yell or scream, it shows Don at his most vulnerable, beaten down; he cries, and has a great arc in this individual episode. The moments on the phone with Sally, Betty and Peggy were heart wrenching, and even though Don does not give that last speech in the session, it’s a haunting moment, and the hug with the breakdown. I know voters do not always go for subtle, but I think this was some of his strongest work tonight.

Adamunc: Weiner has said all along he knew how the show should end. Indeed he did.

Icky: That finale was … I don’t know exactly. I really don’t want to be the one to come along and sh*t over the finale like most probably assume I’ll be. However, I’m genuinely shocked by the entirely positive reception it’s getting here. Okay, fine. I thought it was an odd mixture of fan service (Peggy/Stan confessing their love, Joan starting a business) with Don’s purposely obtuse, cornball, “life-affirming” plot breaking up the more interesting stuff. His spiritual rebirth of course ended up being a fake-out.

FrozenBarbie: I didn’t really know what to think near the end, when the camera was closing in on Don’s face as he was chanting, in a lotus position. For a moment, I thought, “You have to be freakin’ kidding me. This is it?” Then came the little smile on his face … then the sound of the little bell, then we get the Coke commercial. That made the whole tedious Esalen/Big Sur thing worth it.

Marcus Snowden: Finales are always divisive, and this is no different. Like I said, I loved it. Don’s phone calls with Sally, Betty and Peggy were heartrending.

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