We’re ‘extremely emotional’ about ‘Mad Men’ series finale

“Well, the day of the series finale is here. We’ve been waiting eight years for this. I’m really gonna miss this show. I am gonna be extremely emotional tonight,” says Gold Derby user Marcus Snowden in our “Mad Men” TV forum. Scroll down to see more heart-felt declarations and last-minute theories from our forum posters about tonight’s finale on AMC.

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Irishmovielover4ever: I’m literally not ready for this end and will be a wreck since my favourite show of all time is ending.

MovieManiac405: My prediction for the finale (while I’m most likely wrong) would be at some point, Don calls the house hoping to talk to Betty, Henry tells him she passed away that morning (there was no way to get ahold of Don), and that Henry isn’t in a place to take care of three children on his own. He suggests that they live with their real dad, and Don moves them all out to California to live in Anna’s old house in San Pedro, and Don starts some kind of mechanical/fix it-type business, starting with the name “Whitman’s,” where he then hires Peggy to be his front office receptionist (ha!).

FrozenBarbie: I really hope they don’t do a flash forward on this show. Ending in 1970, one decade from start to finish, seems appropriate  Maybe the title refers to how Don finds out about Betty … via phone call.

Nahborghi: Since I watched the pilot I wondered if Don would recreate the opening credits in the very final moment of the show. It would be soothing for the tone of the show. But since Betty is the dying Draper, my latest theory is that Don will take the kids and start over somewhere else, finally taking the name he’s been running against for the past decades. We’ve come full circle now, and he’s ready to accept himself as Dick Whitman again.

Espnfan: Just a last minute notice or warning for any fans here of “Mad Men,” but please be aware that the season and series finale will run an additional 17 minutes (77 total minutes) as opposed to the traditional 60 minutes. Please adjust your DVRs/recording devices accordingly.

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