‘Mad Men’ poll: Which episode should Jon Hamm submit to Emmy judges?

Jon Hamm deserves a drink. At the Emmys, he’s gone 0 for 7 as Best Drama Actor, losing every single bid for his iconic “Mad Men” character Don Draper. He’s also lost three times apiece for producing “Mad Men” and for guesting on “30 Rock,” bringing his career total to 13 misfires. Will AMC’s final batch of episodes (Part 2 of Season 7) finally seal the deal for this mad man, or is he destined to remain an Emmy also-ran? Vote in our poll below.


Will ‘Mad Men’ finale break Emmys curse? (Vote now in our poll)

First, a bit of Emmy trivia: If Hamm is nominated again for this role, he’ll be tied with three other gents — Raymond Burr (“Perry Mason,” “Ironside”), Peter Falk (“Columbo”), Dennis Franz (“NYPD Blue”) — for the most bids ever (8) in the Best Drama Actor category. And those three, it should be noted, are all winners. Burr secured two victories for “Perry Mason,” Falk took home three Emmys, while Franz scored four.

If Hamm is nominated again this year, I don’t think there’s any doubt what episode he should submit to Emmy judges: the series finale, titled “Person to Person.” 

He displays an impressive emotional range during this 77-minute send-off, particularly in those tearful telephone scenes where he deals with Betty’s impending death and confesses to Peggy that he’s not the man she thinks he is. And who could forget those killer moments at the yoga retreat, where we see Don transform in front of our eyes from a selfish drunk to a huggable man finally in tune with his emotions?

‘Mad Men’ finale reviews: ‘That was perfection,’ ‘heart-wrenching,’ ‘oddly unmoving’ …

Immediately after “Person to Person” aired, my feelings were echoed by our forum posters. Read a sample of these comments below and then see more here.

KevinDillon: I think this is a great tape for Jon Hamm, while he does not yell or scream, it shows Don at his most vulnerable, beaten down; he cries, and has a great arc in this individual episode.

JuanCas: I agree, IMO this is Hamm’s tape. It’s subtle yet powerful, but when it comes to the Emmys I wonder if it will hold the same power if you haven’t gone through Don’s journey. From Don/Betty scene, to his most vulnerable scene in the series (talking to Peggy) to the emotional breakdown scene that would get my vote.

Denis: I’m okay with Hamm winning for the finale. The emotional weight here is equally powerful, it broke my heart when he said “Oh Birdie,” that was just devastating and made me tear up so much I’m even embarrassed. 

However, there are some naysayers among our posters, including Zooey the Dreamer who writes, “I don’t know whether he can win with the finale, even with the sentiment. There was this ghastly feeling as if Don wasn’t even in the episode. It’s weird and it has nothing to do with screen time.”

And Marcus Snowden agrees, saying, “I loved the finale. Unfortunately, this means that Jon Hamm will probably never win an Emmy for Don Draper. That’s a very disturbing thought, quite frankly.”

Well, Derbyites, what do YOU say? Can Hamm win with “Person to Person” or is there another episode from the second half of Season 7 he should enter instead? His choices are fairly limited, as only seven episodes are eligible for Emmy consideration.

Popular alternatives to the finale might be “Severance,” where Don falls for a waitress after learning his old flame passed away, or “The Milk and Honey Route,” where Don goes on a road trip.

Vote in our poll below to let him know and then make your predictions for Best Drama Actor using our easy drag-and-drop menu. 

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