Was Matthew McConaughey smart or stupid to say no to ‘Magic Mike XXL’?

Three years ago, the original “Magic Mike” was part of the first wave of the McConaissance. As the older but wiser stripper Dallas, Matthew McConaughey won the Supporting Actor award from the Gotham film critics and there was even talk of an Oscar nomination. However, he took a pass on reprising his role in this summer’s sure-fire hit “Magic Mike XXL.”

While McConaughey was doing the rounds to talk up playing Dallas back in 2012, he was already filming “Dallas Buyers Club.” Much was made of his dramatic weight loss for that role and he won the Best Actor Oscar in 2013. Since then, he has headlined “Interstellar” for Christopher Nolan, which under performed commercially and critically last year, and the upcoming “Sea of Trees” for Gus Van Sant, which divided the critics in Cannes. 

Wouldn’t he have benefited from the boost of a cameo in this crowd-pleasing blockbuster? Is he in danger of being perceived as someone who got too big to take off his britches, one of those oh-so-serious actors?

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FilmGuy619: Honestly, when he turned down “Magic Mike XXL,” I had my worries that since McConaughey won his Oscar, he thought he was suddenly above doing a “Magic Mike” sequel. I hope that’s not the case, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s why.

Peaceful Resolution: McConaughey wants to establish himself as an awards magnet. Anyone can sweep a season. But many will not return for further recognition.

KyleBailey: I don’t know. If he was too big to do it then I would say that would be stupid. The movie was part of his big resurgence and earned him an Independent Spirit Award and a Critics’ Choice nomination but I can understand if he wanted to work with big directors like Nolan and company. It seems like these movies are a lot of fun for the actors so I don’t think there is any vendetta behind the scenes of not wanting to do it.

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