Emmy spotlight: Melissa McBride makes dinner, murders people on riveting ‘The Walking Dead’

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In “The Walking Dead” universe, Carol is one of a kind. She’s the only character who can go from talking about making noodles in one scene, to murdering people and wearing their clothes as a disguise in the next. In lesser hands, Carol wouldn’t be taken seriously. But luckily for fans of “The Walking Dead,” we have Melissa McBride.

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McBride’s Carol wasn’t always a fan favorite. In fact, for much of the first few seasons she was just a background character who sometimes flirted with Norman Reedus‘ Daryl. The late Season 4 episode “The Grove” changed all that. For the first time, McBride was given an episode all to herself and she wound up earning Emmy buzz and a Critics’ Choice Award nomination for her efforts.

That was the defining moment for McBride, as if the producers didn’t realize until then what kind of a talent had been waiting in the wings all these years. Sunday’s episode, “JSS,” once again brought Carol front and center, as she interrupted dinner-making in order to save Alexandria from a hoard of human killers known as the Wolves.

Our forum posters, many of whom are Hollywood insiders, have been weighing in on McBride’s stellar performance. Read some of their comments below and then join the fierce debate in our forums here.

AndMore: Great episode! Better than the premiere! Again, Melissa McBride gives an Emmy worthy performance.

OnTheAisle: That was amazing television. Superb direction, cinematography and editing. McBride excels in fulfilling the promise of extraordinary writing for her character.

slh315: McBride really should be getting love during awards season.

tommy: Couldn’t agree more, this episode was great. Far out McBride absolutely nailed it. We’ve got our first Emmy episode submission for McBride (now we just need her to be recognized). Hopefully the Critics Choice will nominate her. This was also a good showcase for Lennie James.

Rich Landry: What an episode! How I really wish this show would get some award traction. The performances are outstanding and McBride continues to show why she should be receiving her third consecutive Emmy nomination … but oh wait … she keeps getting passed over. Her performance last night was amazing and you could see the emotion in her eyes when she had to do some of the things she did last night. I am hoping the Globes take notice.

SamEckmann: That first kill scared the crap out of me. I felt something was coming and it still shocked me. Frankly I would be totally fine with Carol as the lead of the show. McBride is awesome in every way and I’m always thrilled when she’s at the center of an episode.

What do you think of McBride in “The Walking Dead”? Will she finally earn an Emmy nomination? Join the discussion with Hollywood insiders in our red-hot TV forum.

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