Michael Cerveris on how Tony winning ‘Fun Home’ role changed him (Video)

For actor Michael Cerveris, playing the role of closeted and suicidal Bruce Bechdel in the musical “Fun Home” changed him “in ways I’m sure that I don’t even recognize yet because I’m a slow learner. It’s made me a much more open-hearted person. I think it’s made me look at prejudices of my own and assumptions of my own.” He adds, “It’s made me fall deeply, deeply, deeply in love with the act of making theater.”

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Cerveris is grateful that he received messages growing up that “whoever I wanted to be was okay. That’s not the message that every kid gets … If this is some indication that the world is ready to start looking at each other not as the other, I think that would be an extraordinary result for this season.”

This is Cerveris’s second Tony win in six nominations. He last prevailed in 2004 for his featured role in the musical “Assassins.” 

Below, watch his complete press Q&A:

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