Christian Slater wrestles with the mysteries of ‘Mr. Robot’ (exclusive video)

christian slater Mr. Robot

For Christian Slater, the hardest thing about starring in the hit USA Network series “Mr. Robot” is “holding my cards close and not being able to talk to people about it.

“This is one of the TV shows where you would go to the table reads and watch people who didn’t know what was coming and just listen to their reactions and watch their jaws dropping,” he adds in  his exclusive video chat with Gold Derby (watch below).

Exclusive interview: Rami Malek on being an ‘unlikely hero’ in ‘Mr. Robot’ (video)

mr robot rami malek“Mr. Robot” is a dark cyber-thriller about Elliot Alderson (Rami Malek), an antisocial misfit who is recruited by the shadowy leader of an underground anarchist hacker group (Slater) trying to destabilize and ultimately destroy corporate America.

Over the ten episodes of its labyrinthine first season, we as viewers were treated to thrilling reveals about the identities and motivations of these mysterious characters. Slater admits he had a feeling that something was awry from the very beginning and so he chose to learn all of the secrets of season one up front.

“There was definitely a sense all along that there was something going on,” he says. “I even had a sense from the pilot and that was one of the questions I asked [creator and showrunner] Sam [Esmail] first off.

“Sam wanted to create the atmosphere that the audience was a little bit ahead of Elliot. But fortunately there were enough other surprises that people just had no idea they were coming, which made it that much more exciting and interesting.”

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SPOILER ALERT: One of the highlights of the season was the opening scene of the ninth episode, in which we learned more about the two main characters through an extended flashback to the early 1990s, hinting at the dynamics of the relationship between Elliot and the shawdowy figure that Slater portrays. “I had been in one particular gear of playing the image of what Elliot thought his father would act like and be like,” he adds, “and now I was actually playing the father and I don’t believe the real guy is quite as suave, sophisticated and smooth as Elliot’s image of him would be.”

“I remember coming to the set that day, and seeing that [old computer] shop for the first time and peeling those labels off those disks; there was so much attention to detail. I just loved it,” says Slater. “The relationship between a father and a son; it’s just so important and so powerful and you see the building blocks of that foundation being started and that love, and how this particular father did stick up for his son in his own odd, quirky way.”

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