‘MythBusters’ to end in 2016, so can it finally win Emmy for its swan song?

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Discovery Channel’s “MythBusters” has been on the air since 2003, but after more than a decade of scientific mayhem it was announced that the show will come to an end in 2016 after its 14th season. In all that time the series has surprisingly never won an Emmy Award. Will it finally prevail for its swan song next year?

Watch our video chats with the “MythBusters” to talk Emmys:
Jamie Hyneman & Adam Savage 2013 | Jamie Hyneman 2014

“MythBusters” stars Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage, who use their science and engineering know-how to test the validity of urban legends, modern myths and popular Hollywood scenes. Over the years they’ve tackled everything from “Breaking Bad” and “Star Wars” to the moon landing and the wonders of duct tape. But their ingenuity has never won the show an Emmy despite multiple attempts.

The series has been nominated at the Emmys every year since 2009 — seven times total. For five years it competed for Best Reality Program. Then in 2014 the category was split into separate awards honoring structured reality programs like “MythBusters” and unstructured shows, which include verite-style series like “Deadliest Catch.” But the category split didn’t help. It has lost Best Structured Reality Program the last two years to ABC’s entrepreneurial series “Shark Tank.”

Before that it lost the combined Reality Program category to “Intervention” (2009), “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” (2010), “Deadliest Catch” (2011) and “Undercover Boss” (2012-2013). But now that it’s going off the air, Hyneman and Savage are planning an explosive finale. As Savage told Entertainment Weekly, “Our finale will go out with a bang, as everyone would expect.”

Will that be enough to propel “MythBusters” to a first ever Emmy victory? Let’s hope that’s a myth that will finally be confirmed.

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