Hey, Netflix: Pleeease resurrect ‘Pushing Daisies,’ ‘Tru Calling,’ ‘Happy Endings’ …

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From “The Killing” to “Arrested Development,” Netflix has been the go-to network for canceled TV shows to find a home. What other series from yesteryear do YOU think also deserve Netflix continuations? Our users have been furiously debating this hot topic in our TV forum.

Join the live discussion right now! Remember, all kinds of Hollywood insiders lurk in our infamous forums so you never know, maybe your favorite show will stage a comeback because of you!

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Sample comments from our fiery TV forum include:

Gone_Guy: “Pushing Daisies” — Pretty much the entire cast has said they would be on board.

patmcb: “Tru Calling”! Eliza Dushku deserves to be a leading lady again.

Emmys2011: My vote goes to another Eliza Dushku show: “Dollhouse.” Joss Whedon‘s comeback series was so good. It had a brilliant premise, and they developed it and built it in amazing ways, specially in its second season. The potential this show was showing was incredible. BRING THIS BACK.

KylieistBoi: “Happy Endings” deserves to end happily.

AMG: “Looking” — If they didn’t have the TV Movie to close it all off, that is. I felt like the story was only just beginning with it, and a half hour comedy/drama is missing from Netflix’s roster. And “Looking” offers something different from all the other Netflix shows out there.

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Photo: ‘Pushing Daisies’, Lee Pace, Anna Friel. Credit: ABC Inc/Everett/REX

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