New York Film Critics Circle Awards prediction scores: Best performances by our Users and Editors

New York Film Critics Circle Awards Predictions Scores Carol Kristen Stewart

Congratulations to Eugenev94 for having the top score of 55.56% predicting the 2015 New York Film Critics Circle award winners announced on Wednesday. He actually tied with three other Users picking five of the nine categories correctly but earned the most game points (17,175) based on effective use of the 200 and 500 point bets.

New York Film Critics Circle Awards 2015: Complete list of winners

The movie “Carol” was a favorite with this critics’ group, capturing three of the 10 categories we were predicting. Our score leader had correct picks of Todd Haynes (“Carol”) as Best Director, Saoirse Ronan (“Brooklyn“) as Best Actress, “Inside Out” for Best Animated Feature, and “Carol” for both Best Cinematography and Best Screenplay. Since the group chose Michael Keaton (“Spotlight“) as Best Actor, we can not include that in our results since he was only available as an option in the supporting race.

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For her efforts, Eugenev94 wins a $100 Amazon gift card, pending Gold Derby evaluating his eligibility based upon our contest rules. He must meet eligibility requirements before the prize is awarded.

One Expert predicted these awards, Gold Derby‘s own Paul Sheehan, who finished with a score of 22.22% correct.

For our four Editors, Rob Licuria and Daniel Montgomery tied with 22.22%, followed by myself at 11.11%, and Marcus Dixon with none right.


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