Watch Editors’ slugfest: Emmy outrage over ‘Orange is the New Black’ switcheroo

“‘Orange is the New Black‘ should be extremely happy because they’re gonna be right in the thick of these [drama series] races now,” says Gold Derby Contributing Editor Ralph Galvan in our new video slugfest (watch below). We respond to the controversial decision by the TV academy to yank “Orange” from the Emmy’s comedy categories where it competed last year and put it in the drama races where competition is much more fierce. The switcheroo was made in response to new Emmy rules that define comedy series as being 30 minutes or less, but make exceptions (“Shameless,” “Glee,” “Vane the Virgin”).

“No, I completely disagree with you, mate. I think this hurts ‘Orange,’ I really do,” fires back Senior Editor Rob Licuria. “The drama side is so heavy, [while] the comedy side is so light.”

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Watch our slugfest video below as Senior Editor Daniel Montgomery and I debate the new category switches with Ralph and Rob, including what shows will be helped (or hurt) by the “Orange” category switch. We also ruminate over the fact that “Glee,” “Jane the Virgin” and “Shamelesswere all allowed to stay put in comedy, which essentially means the Emmys changed their rule book this year simply to get “Orange” out of the comedy fields.

If “Orange” gets nominated as Best Drama Series — as Gold Derby predicts it will with 12/1 odds — that could mean trouble for reigning Golden Globe champ “The Affair” (14/1 odds), AMC spin-off “Better Call Saul” (16/1 odds), breakout hit “Empire” (16/1 odds) new Netflix series “Bloodline” (33/1 odds) or perennial also-ran “The Good Wife” (33/1 odds).

But since “Orange” is departing the Best Comedy Series category, there’s a potential open slot for laffers like FX’s promising “The Comedians” (33/1 odds), Netflix’s still-unseen “Grace and Frankie” (50/1 odds), gone-but-not-forgotten “Parks and Recreation” (50/1 odds), well-received “Black-ish” (100/1 odds) or the aforementioned “Jane the Virgin” (100/1 odds).

Check out our individual Emmys predictions to see what we’re all currently forecasting in the aftermath all these crazy rule changes: mine are here, Daniel’s are here, Rob’s are here and Ralph’s are here. See all of the Editors’ combined rankings here. Compare them to the Top 24 Users’ rankings here.

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