Oscar wishlist: If you could add one category to Academy Awards

On Tuesday, the board of of governors of the motion picture academy will meet. The agenda is likely to include the selection of the Governors’ Awards honorees and a discussion of potential producers of the Oscarcast. And perhaps the 51 governors, who represent the 17 branches of the academy, will consider adding a category to the two dozen competitive Oscar races. 

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We asked our forum posters, many of whom are Hollywood insiders, what one category is on their wishlists. Below, just a sample of their insightful comments. After reading these, be sure to weigh in on this fascinating topic HERE. Scroll down to the bottom of this post to make your prediction as to whether this past year’s Oscarcast will win the Special Class Program prize at the Emmy Awards. And CLICK HERE to start making your predictions for this year’s Oscar nominations. 

FilmGuy619: Best Motion Capture Performance: Like Andy Serkis said, that is actual acting.

ETPhoneHome: Best Casting should absolutely be a category. It would be treated essentially like an ensemble award, and would probably be as good a predictor for Best Picture as Editing.

benutty: A second music field should be opened in both Song and Score to recognize the songs and soundtracks that use pre-recorded music to enhance the movie-going experience. “Moulin Rouge!” for example. 

MysteriousRent: I would like to see Best Visual Effects broken into two categories: Best Computer-Generated Imagery (which could also include the production design aspects) and Best Physical Visual Effects for traditional visual effects. Drawing something on a computer has a lot more in common with animation than it does with traditional visual effects, and it shouldn’t be lumped into the same category. 

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KyleBailey: Production Design and Art Direction should be separate. “Lincoln” may have had well designed big sets but “Life of Pi” was the one that was the most artistically beautifully designed. 

TerenceFletcher:  Best Voiceover Performance, with five nominees: men and women competing in one category. This year, Amy Poehler and Phyllis Smith would both be strong contenders already for “Inside Out.” This could be a category where primarily comedic actors could get rewarded when they haven’t been able to break into the main acting categories.

kbfr12: I am a big advocate for stunt performers having an award — they’re the only folks on a film set who are regularly risking their lives for the project. 

AnDresGetz:  Best Casting, which I think is the most overdue of the list. 

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