Hottest Oscar buzz: Forum posters dish Leonardo DiCaprio, Amy Schumer, Tom Hardy & more

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This week they’re discussing whether Leonardo DiCaprio (“The Revenant“) can capitalize on a Best Actor race that seems as wide-open as ever, if his co-star Tom Hardy can score a victory for Best Supporting Actor against Idris Elba (“Beasts of No Nation“), the possibility of surprise bids for Amy Schumer (“Trainwreck“), Michael B. Jordan (“Creed”) and a lead category switch-up for young Jacob Tremblay (“Room“).

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WildforFilm: I’m going to go out on a crazy limb here and throw this out there…Amy Schumer [for Best Actress] in “Trainwreck”? I’m serious. Between all the buzz she generated this year for this film and her show, the need to attract more viewers to watch the Oscars, the fact that she is quite good in the film (with both comedic and dramatic moments), AND the fact that this category is lacking an off-the-wall potential nominee, I think she has a shot.

Sasha: This is the year Leonardo will finally [win Best Actor] because there’s no real competition here. It’s the weakest acting category by far. But one thing he needs to do is to campaign his ass off.

FreemanGriffin: My hunch for an out of left field nomination is Michael B. Jordan for “Creed.” The performance he gave in “Fruitvale Station” was outstanding, and the trailer for “Creed” looks really interesting … time will tell.

Nkb325: Could they bump Tremblay up to lead [for “Room”]? Like I know the academy might do it themselves like they did with Keisha Castle-Hughes, [who was campaigned supporting but nominated as a lead for “Whale Rider”], but it’s early enough in the season that in theory, the studio could probably change their campaign if they do it soon. At this point Best Supporting Actor is if anything a little more crowded than Best Actor, and the buzz for “Room” is just growing with every screening it gets.

LynchOrwell: Abraham Attah needs to get nominated for “Beast of No Nation.” Hearing all the talk of these typical A-listers is frustrating when one of the best performances of the year lies in a newcomer who deserves some recognition. It’s the best performance I’ve seen from a child actor and the Academy needs to honor that.

DominicCobb: Elba’s chances [for Best Supporting Actor] have dropped a bit I think, but he’s still in. Now I’m full on predicting Hardy to take it. “Revenant” will get the “Dallas Buyers Club” treatment [by winning Actor and Supporting Actor for DiCaprio and Hardy].

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Photo: “Trainwreck.” Credit: Moviestore/REX

Photo: “The Revenant.” Credit: Moviestore Collection/REX

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