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RichT315: Biggest surprises for me: Laura Dern getting in despite no precursors. Jake Gyllenhaal and David Oyelowo getting left out for Bradley Cooper. Bennett Miller getting in for “Foxcatcher.” “Selma” getting in for Best Picture despite being nominated in only one other category (Best Original Song).

ColinWesley: Wow, these were all over the place! I love it. It seemed like Foxcatcher was on its way to a solid BP nom and then….nope. Nightcrawler gets in for screenplay but not actor. No Force Majeure, Life Itself, The Lego Movie. I’m sure a lot of valiant predictors are feeling pretty vindicated today about Marion Cotillard, good job to you guys 🙂

Troye: Well…assuming that The Grand Budapest Hotel isn’t likely to win Picture, it seems we only have Boyhood vs. The Imitation Game. Birdman missed Editing. American Sniper missed Director. Selma missed Director and Editing.

Tye-Grr: After they shot me in the chest with that ‘The LEGO Movie’ snub, they shot me again by snubbing both Jessica Chastain and Rene Russo, and then they murdered me before my family’s eyes on this lovely morning by snubbing Jake Gyllenhaal. I am dead. It was a good run.

NateDogg: OK, plenty of surprises here. Biggest to me, was the near shut out of Gone Girl, except for in Best Actress, where I was ready to be so proud for being bold at leaving Rosamund Pike out so that both Amy Adams and Marion Cotillard could make it in (just happy that Jennifer Aniston didn’t!). Next biggest, although it shouldn’t be, is the overperformance of American Sniper, especially for Bradley Cooper in place of David Oyelowo (biggest disappointment of the morning for me).

FreemanGriffin: Gone Girl received only ONE nomination – remember that screener when academy voters really didn’t like it? Boy, they REALLY didn’t like it! Surprised Jessica Chastain – who had a terrific year – didn’t get nominated. I liked Laura Dern‘s performance very much but I was surprised by her inclusion. Bennett Miller‘s Director nomination sticks out like a sore thumb. Again, no female directors need apply!

outsider: Why was the audience in the room so obnoxious this year? They kept cheering and howling. It usually happens once or twice, but this year it felt tacky like they just watched their team score. Is the room full of publicists? A little restraint would have been nice. And why was it funny that Alexandre Desplat received two nominations for Original Score? They just erupted in laughter like it was the most hilarious thing. Alfonso Cuaron is a great director but unfortunately not a great choice to announce the nominations.

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Atypical: Great acceptance speech from Jessica Chastain! So many snubbees in the audience tonight. Ava DuVernay, Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie (oooh), Chastain, “The Lego Movie,” etc. Awkward! All the frontrunners won. Not too many memorable acceptance speeches unfortunately. The less said about the host, the better.

KMJ1230: Totally agree, the host Michael Strahan while cool and likable, was super annoying and not fit for hosting a show like this. All he did was cut into the winners acceptance speech time lol. If he stopped rambling for a minute before best actress, no doubt Julianne Moore (who did give a fab. speech) would’ve taken a breathe and remembered to praise Marion Cotillard. lol Aside from that blunder I think her speech was def. better than Michael Keaton‘s speech tonight. Tonight he was more than ‘fine’ but didn’t come close to the perfection of the Globes speech!

Mike: Patricia Arquette will always have the paper people. She had it at the 1993 cableACE awards and 2005 Emmy’s. She clearly knows herself and that she gets nervous, and is mindful to not want to forget thanking anyone. To her credit, she barely even used it compared to the Globes, although it seemed like she had many pages this time. I think it is cute, and again shows how humble she is. I am glad she is winning everything.

moviefan61794: I neeeed a gif of Emily Blunt‘s eyeroll. Also, if Boyhood, Linklater, Keaton, Moore, Simmons and Arquette take every award here on out, I will scream out of boredom. Please shake it up, SAGs! Also, what the hell was Michael Strahan doing last night?! I like him, I think he’s okay, but last night I was screaming at the TV for him to get off. Where was that screentime for Tina and Amy, GGs?! Final note: Chastain’s speech was everything. I admire her so much and I hope she gets her Oscar soon.

Nessie: They gave two Best Actor awards to Michael Keaton? Ridiculous. I only saw Birdman once, but that was enough. I’m calling it now: Keaton being the frontrunner is all hype. Last night he won for Best Comedy actor as well as Best Actor. He wasn’t vaguely funny in the role and as for Best Actor – he was essentially playing himself. He has given better performances in the past, but what he did in Birdman wasn’t impressive. I saw better performances this year from David Oyelowo, Jake Gyllenhaal, Tom Hardy and Matthew McConaughey – NONE of whom were nominated.

Oscar race for Best Foreign Langugage Film
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KyleBailey: I saw Force Majeure and I am actually ok with its snub. I liked what they were trying to do with it but they just were repetitious with it. But I think Ida will still take this. Especially with the cinematography nomination.

Eddy Q: Look under White Ribbon, The. Ida might win, sure, but the cinematography nomination won’t be the main factor to help it get there. I actually think Leviathan stands just as much of a chance, though I’m not sure how much the Globe win helps it (or hurts Ida).

Halo Insider: Amelie, Biutiful, and Pan’s Labyrinth also lost despite getting into a good number of other categories.

Renaton: The Brazilian in me was always gonna be too proud to support “Wild Tales” winning, but after watching the film, I thought… it was merely okay? I don’t get what all the fuss is about. Some interesting moments writing wise, but also hardly something that will have much of a legacy through the years. I could see it winning, but I think the Academy is more likely to go for Ida or Leviathan. Too bad Timbuktu doesn’t seem to have much of a shot at winning, as I think that’s the best film in the line-up.

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