Oscars cliffhanger: Will ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ be a winner for Wes Anderson?

When it comes to the Oscars, filmdom’s biggest honour, Wes Anderson has seen his movies limited in nominations. Until this year, he had racked up two nominations for scribing, likely with a quail feather quill on pastel parchment (“The Royal Tenenbaums,” 2001; “Moonrise Kingdom,” 2012), as well as for his Animated Feature (“Fantastic Mr. Fox,” 2009).

Part 1 – W. Anderson
Then this year, in a sublime irony, his film about a hotel Lobby Boy named Zero was able to score nine nominations. That’s the most of any film in contention, tied with “Birdman.” Wes is now not only competing again for his writing but also in the both the Best Picture and Director races. 

So with such an incredible explosion into the awards, what is the fate of “The Grand Budapest Hotel“?

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Part 2 – Check Point 9 categories
Perhaps this unprecedented slew of nominations is the prize in itself for Anderson. Last year, we saw the Oscars pitch “American Hustle” a no hitter from their 10 turns at the plate. The picture and director gongs seem just out of reach for Anderson. No Gold Derby experts or editors are predicting him to prevail over “Boyhood” and “Birdman.” However, it there is strong hope for his film to escape the fearsome fate of “Hustle.” According to the experts at Gold Derby, it is favoured to win three design awards – costume, makeup & hairstyling and production design.

Part 3 – The Academy of Crossed Quills
And like a ski lift going up the Zubrowkian Alps, the film could reach even greater Oscar heights. The experts are predicting Anderson will finally win Original Screenplay over, among others, the Best Picture frontrunners and I think they are right. In the writing races, Oscar voters are more prepared to award quirky whims that feature in a Anderson script. This is where saw Charlie Kaufman win for “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” and Spike Jonze for “Her.” 

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And so, in the spirit of whimsical quirks, it looks like the category that had been a source of Oscar relegation for Anderson in the past is his most likely venue for Oscar glory. It could perhaps pave the way for a day when a comedy film where everyone wears pastel, carries items of subversive significance and, of course, features Bill Murray, can go that step further and take the Best Picture prize. But until then, he would be wise to get his quill to scribe a speech and fetch his best corduroy suit as he may finally win an Oscar this year.

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