Top 10 Oscar forum posts: First win for Johnny Depp (‘Black Mass’) or #3 for Tom Hanks (‘Bridge of Spies’)?

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We just opened our 2015 Oscar predictions center, but that’s not the only place you can voice your opinions about this year’s Academy Awards contenders at Gold Derby. Our forums, which are filled with Hollywood insiders, have been buzzing. As some of our best awards analysis comes from our very own users, be sure to consult them before making your picks. To help you out, we editors chose their top 10 comments on the early Oscar frontrunners. Take a gander below (click on each topic to be taken to that page in the forums) and then jump in the ring with them to duke it out over your favorites.

Experts’ early Oscar predictions: ‘Joy,’ ‘The Revenant,’ Leo DiCaprio, Cate Blanchett …

1. “Johnny Depp [will win Best Actor for] ‘Black Mass.’ He has several nominations under his belt, and this looks like a return to form for him. Plus this role checks a ton of boxes the academy loves: real person, makeup transformation, mob movie, etc.”- TerenceFletcher (Pick this season’s 4 acting Oscar winners right NOW)

2. “I am suprised Tom Hanks has not been more in the conversation for Best Actor for ‘Bridge of Spies.’ It looks like it could be a good film. Also, I would love to see Charlize Theron for Best Actress [in ‘Mad Max: Fury Road‘]. It was such a wonderful film/a wonderful performace.” – ScandalWife (VOTE NOW!: Our exclusive Oscars predictions center is open!)

3. “One film I’m not completely sold on is ‘Steve Jobs,’ I’m saying this as a big Danny Boyle and Michael Fassbender fan. On the face of it, I should love this, and I should have trust in those two artists to pull it off. But something in the back of my mind thinks this isn’t the contender many are saying it is destined to be.” – AMG (Which potential contenders are you not buying?)

4. “I’m predicting [‘Our Brand Is Crisis‘] for nominations, not wins. It’s WB who’s taking care of the movie’s campaign and since this is their best horse to bet on (sorry ‘Creed’ fans) I believe ‘OBIC’ is just as much of a contender as all the other films we’re predicting for Best Picture.” – TomHardys (Oscar nom for Sandra Bullock in ‘Our Brand Is Crisis’?)

5. “I can’t think of another contemporary Hollywood actress who has been so unlucky with AMPAS for such a long time [as Jennifer Jason Leigh] … After several years under the radar, JJL unexpectedly landed the female lead in ‘The Hateful Eight‘ … With this news, many prognosticators speculated that she might be nominated or even win the Oscar; she just ‘feels’ like the kind of actress who could win on her first nomination, if only she could just get nominated in the first place.” – MarquisWarren (Jennifer Jason Leigh: will she finally get nominated for ‘The Hateful Eight’?)

6. “We all know how much the internet is begging for the Academy to give Leonardo DiCaprio an Oscar … But, that could change next year. His role in ‘The Revenant‘ could see him finally take home the gold statuette. The internet would literally break. So if he did win, who would the internet be fan-boying over to seal the deal next? Bradley Cooper? Ryan Gosling? Emma Stone? Johnny Depp?” – AMG (If Leo wins, who will the Internet freak out over?)

7. “[Meryl Streep‘s] best may be the ’80s, but my favorite are the ’90s (plus somehow the 00’s and 10’s combined). Must be another record that now the majority of her noms are after her 40th birthday.” – GhostOrchid (Meryl Streep: What’s the best decade of her career?)

8. “Very excited for [‘Youth‘]. Expects moms for Caine and Keitel and Fonda in supporting. Caine becomes first actor to be nominated six decades in a row and I think Keitel can actually win with this!!! Long overdue for him.” – benbraddock (Paolo Sorrentino’s “Youth”)

9. “I think the difference between experts and users is that experts have access to information & sources on the PR/strategy side that most users do not and that informs a lot of their opinions. The other factor is that experts are, for the most part, doing their job and that job, at least in part, involves being the more right than their competition so IMO their predictions skew safe where users are more likely to take risks.” – benutty (Oscar predictions: Our Experts vs. YOU Derbyites — who’s smarter?)

10. “Based on a true story, physical transformation, biopic, mob movie, potential comeback narrative for its star (who is a past Oscar nominee), the trailer got a lot of buzz, and the director has won Best Actor for his lead once already. As long as it does not disappoint in quality, a multitude the factors the Academy loves to award are there.” – Terence Fletcher (What is it about ‘Black Mass’ that has the Experts giving it such good odds?)

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Photo: Johnny Depp in “Black Mass.” Credit: Moviestore/REX

Photo: “Bridge of Spies” poster. Credit: Courtesy Ev/REX

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