Our most brilliant and idiotic Oscars predictions: Tom O’Neil and Tariq Khan (Podcast)

Now that the Oscars are over, it looks like vengeance is Tom O’Neil‘s in his long-running battle with pundit rival Tariq Khan. Last year Tom lost to Tariq, but he recently rallied with the best prediction score — 80% to Tariq’s 71%. (See leaderboard.)

Of course, that prompts Tom to gloat mercilessly in their final podcast of Oscar season while he orders Tariq to bow down in shame and beg Derbyites for forgiveness after trying to lure them off so many perilous predix cliffs.

“It’s funny, I think you and I only disagreed on like four categories,” Tariq says. “And in our last podcast, you actually tried to coax me into switching back to ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel‘ for Best Picture.”

“Oh, yes, I tried, because you love to go off those cliffs,” O’Neil concedes. “All razzing aside here, it was a really tough year.”

“One thing I’m gonna say is that I think it’s good for us to try to go out and call some of the longshots,” says Khan. “I looked at my predictions and I’m glad mine were different in a few places.”

“Yeah, but why can’t you admit when you’re wrong, you’re wrong?!” O’Neil fires back. “Part of this mea culpa thing that we have to do after the Oscars is say, ‘I screwed up.’ People are listening to us. Maybe they lost their office pool because of you or me. Now we have to say, this is where I screwed up.”

See Tom’s 80% correct Oscar predictions here. See Tariq’s 71% correct predix here. Compare the accuracy rates of our Experts, Editors and Users here.

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