Oscars: The good, the bad, the ugly and WTF? — Let’s be brutally honest

Gold Derby’s forum posters are known for their brass, take-no-prisoners opinions, all of which were in play Sunday night as the winners were announced at the Oscars. Just a small sample of their savagery below. Read more and have your say here.

Oscars: Complete list of winners

Best Picture: “Birdman

24Emmy: Sean Penn is the surprise BP presenter. His first time doing so?

Themeparks4Life: YES!!!!!!!!!!! The Best Picture wins!

Eddy Q: Well so much for sharing the love between Inarritu, Linklater and Anderson. “Boyhood” only winning one award isn’t right. 🙁

Best Directing: Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, “Birdman

Guest2014: Just like last year, the Oscars and Indie Spirts diverge on Director.  6/7, then…

seoul: There goes 12 years of directing ….

Best Actor: Eddie Redmayne, “The Theory of Everything

KristopherRod: YESSSS!

Pieman1994: Meh. Would have loved a Keaton win, but Redmayne did put in a good performance.


Best Actress: Julianne Moore, “Still Alice

msnowden1: 30 years in the making! Julianne Moore finally wins an Oscar!

24Emmy: Where’s the announcer to say she’s a 5 time nominee? WTF?

Guest2014: The single-lowest-earning movie to win an acting awards since 1994’s “Blue Sky” (Jessica Lange).  And yes, I hold “Still Alice’s” meager boxoffice totals against it. 

Best Supporting Actor: J.K. Simmons, “Whiplash

ThemeParks4Life: Standing O!

24Emmy: Wow. J. K. Simmons didn’t mention anything or anybody from “Whiplash.”

Atypical: Well that was a peculiar acceptance speech. But yay J.K. Simmons!

Best Supporting Actress: Patricia Arquette, “Boyhood

24Emmy: Aww. Ellar Coltrane wanted to hug Patricia Arquette.

Sasha: Jesus f***ing Christ! Is she married to that piece of paper!?

Junk: Ughh paper again Arquette, thank God this is over now.

‘Birdman’ reigns victorious as Best Picture at the Oscars,
‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ also wins four

Best Original Screenplay: “Birdman”

Dead Like Me: GONZALEZ!

msnowden1: It’s official: Birdman’s winning Best Picture.

AnnaSPB: Dammit! “The Grand Budapest” was ROBBED! Wes Anderson, your time will come someday.

nycguy: Horrible choice for Original Screenplay.

Best Adapted Screenplay: “The Imitation Game”

claydavis: Oprah announced it in such an Oprah voice

Pieman1994: Not a fan of the win. I love the speech.

Best Cinematography: “Birdman”

24Emmy: Yay Emmanuel Lubezki! Back to back wins.

Dead Like Me: CHIVO!

msnowden1: Damn. Roger Deakins loses again. 

Best Costume Design: “The Grand Budapest Hotel”

Atypical: Legend Milena Canonero! Yay “The Grand Budapest Hotel!”

Best Film Editing: “Whiplash”


AnnaSofiaBennike: Ahh, I was 13/14, but SO excited for “Whiplash!” Best UPSET!!!

Best Makeup and Hairstyling: “The Grand Budapest Hotel”

PaulV: of course my one and only last minute switch was to GOTG for Make up.

Best Original Score: “The Grand Budapest Hotel”

ThemeParks4Life: YES!!!!!!!! Got it wrong but so glad “Budapest” won.

Denis: F**k off, “Theory of Everything” was robbed, this is disgraceful.

Eddy Q: GBH wins score. Thank God! And I win my 500 point bet!

Guest2014: Now give that Oscar to Hans Zimmer, damn you, Desplat…

Oscars winners: By film and by studio

Best Original Song: “Glory” from “Selma”

Denis: If “Glory” song loses it will be the biggest offense ever. To music and to equalty.

24Emmy: Really, that gets a standing ovation?

msnowden1: Did John Legend honestly just forget to thank his wife?

Atypical: Great acceptance speeches for “Glory”!

FredericLam: as a person from Hong Kong, I am so impressed to hear them acknowledge the democratic protests in Hong Kong.

Best Visual Effects: “Interstellar”

claydavis: damn. “Guardians” of the galaxy was my big bet lol.

Guest2014: A fraction of a sliver of justice tonight; congratulations to “Interstellar.”  Oscars mirroring Indie Spirits to a T…care to suggest otherwise, anyone?

Best Animated Feature: “Big Hero 6”

24Emmy: There’s your first upset. “Big Hero 6” wins.

unsunganthem: Damnit! “Big Hero” just ruined my perfect night of predictions.

ThemeParks4Life: I made a mistake to switch from BH6 after the BAFTAs.

Stardust: I knew it was probable, but WTF? Even the audience was shocked.

Best Documentary Feature: “CitizenFour”


Best Foreign Language Film: “Ida”

24Emmy: That speech was all over the place.

Atypical: “IDA”! Love it!

Dead Like Me: “Ida” is the least worthy of the five nominees.

Best Animated Short Film: “Feast”

Eddy Q: First wrong prediction (I had “The Dam Keeper”). Damn. Really thought I might have all 3 shorts right this time.

Sasha: “The Dam Keeper” was robbed but whatever.

Best Documentary Short Film: “Crisis Hotline: Veterans Press 1”

Eddy Q: Wow I’d get totally crushed by the one in the red dress in an arm wrestle. (Yes I mean that as a compliment.)

Best Live Action Short Film: “The Phone Call”

Atypical: YAY for “The Phone Call” in Live Action Short! Animated Short could go in a few different directions.

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