If you had an Oscar Genie, what would your three wishes be this year?

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Sadly, the Oscars don’t always grant our wishes when they select their favorite films and performances of the year, but our forum poster FilmGuy619 has nevertheless asked his fellow Derbyites what their three wishes would be for films and performances that may or may not be on the academy’s radar, but should be.

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FilmGuy is personally hoping for “Rose Byrne for Best Supporting Actress for ‘Spy‘: Don’t make me a ‘sad Bulgarian clown!'” He also wants to see a bid for “‘It Follows‘ for Best Original Score: One of the best, and most inventive scores of the year.” Third, he hopes the Oscar genie will nominate “Oscar Isaac for Best Supporting Actor for ‘Ex Machina‘: Quite an enigmatic supporting turn. Plus, he’s very underrated and it would be awesome to see him finally get props for his work.”

What are our other forum posters wishing for? Read some of their comments below and click here to make your own wishes in our all-new, much faster and easier-to-navigate forums.

Sasha: Leading roles are nominated in leading categories and supporting roles are nominated in supporting categories. NO CATEGORY FRAUDS THIS YEAR, PLEASE. Oh, and Charlotte Rampling getting nominated and then winning. It would also be nice to see Blythe Danner nominated for “Ill See You in My Dreams” in the leading category and Malin Akerman for “The Final Girls” in the supporting category but I’m being realistic here.

FreemanGriffin: I’m only going to wish for three I have already seen: (1) Jacob Tremblay for Best Actor for “Room“; (2) Elizabeth Banks for Best Supporting Actress for “Love and Mercy“; (3) Jeff Daniels for Best Supporting Actor for “Steve Jobs.”

TWNickPeek: Meryl Streep to be nominated so people can be pissed. “Suffragette” getting in for Best Picture. “The Martian” to be snubbed for major categories.

SauloCorreaFerreira: (1) “Tomorrowland” for Best Production Design (gotta love those pools); (2) “Jupiter Ascending” for Best Original Score (terrible movie, awesome music); (3) “Ex Machina” in Screenplay, Picture, Supporting Actor and Supporting Actress.

Babypook: Oh man I’ve been trying this “Three Wishes” thing since forever, but here it goes: (1) “Sicario” and team; (2) “Bridge of Spies” (could be the “best” most erudite film I’ve seen thus far) and team; (3) A well-made blockbuster. There HAD to be one of those this year. Or upcoming….Luke…you’re so freaking old now Luke…..

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Rose Byrne in “Spy” photo credit: 20th Century Fox

Oscar Isaac in “Ex Machina” photo credit: Moviestore Collection/REX

Charlotte Rampling in “45 Years” photo credit: Moviestore Collection Ltd/REX

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