Oscar calendar: Deadlines and dates for Golden Globes, Critics’ Choice, SAG, PGA, DGA, BAFTAS …

The 88th annual edition of the Academy Awards will take place on Sunday, Feb. 28, 2016. In the 90 days leading up to Oscar Sunday, a slew of precursor prizes will be handed out. While the last of these will be the Indie Spirit Awards, which are due to take place just 24 hours before the Oscars, those nominations will be announced on Nov. 24. 

Prior to the Jan. 8 deadline for Oscar nomination ballots, the Golden Globes, Critics’ Choice and BAFTA Awards also will have announced nominations as will the actors, producers, writers and art directors guilds. And the major critics groups already will have weighed in with their top picks too. 

Below, we detail these key dates. 

Note: Winners events are in gold while nomination announcments are italicized

Oct. 13 – Indie Spirits Awards: Submissions Close

Oct. 22 – SAG Awards: Submissions Close

Nov. 13 – WGA Awards: Film Submissions Close

Nov. 14 – Governors’ Awards

Nov. 18 – SAG Awards: Nomination Ballots Mailed

Nov. 24 – Indie Spirit Awards: Nominations Announced 

Nov. 26 – Golden Globes: Nomination Ballots Mailed

Nov. 30 –  Gotham Indendent Film Awards

Dec. 1 – National Board of Review: Winners Announced
Dec. 1 – Annie Awards: Nominations Announced 
Dec. 1 – PGA Awards: Film Nominations Open
Dec. 1 – WGA Awards: Film Nominations Open

Dec. 2 – New York Film Critics Circle: Winners Announced
Dec. 2 – DGA Awards: Film Nominations Open

Dec. 7 – Critics Choice Awards: Nomination Ballots Online
Dec. 7 – Golden Globes: Nomination Ballots Due
Dec. 7 – SAG Awards: Nomination Ballots Due

Dec. 9 – SAG Awards: Nominations Announced
Dec. 9 – BAFTA Awards: Nominations Open

Dec. 10 – Golden Globes: Nominations Announced

Dec. 11 – Critics Choice Awards: Nomination Ballots Due

Dec. 14 – Critics Choice Awards: Nomination Ballots Announced

Dec. 16 – SAG Awards: Final Ballots Mailed

Dec. 21 – Golden Globes: Final Ballots Mailed

Dec. 30 – Oscars: Nomination Ballots Mailed/Online

Jan. 2 – PGA Awards: Film Nominations Close

Jan. 4 – PGA Awards: Film Nominations Announced
Jan. 4 – BAFTA Awards: Nominations Close
Jan. 4 – WGA Awards: Film Nominations Close
Jan. 4 – PGA Awards: Voting Opens

Jan. 5 – Art Directors Guild: Nominations Announced 

Jan. 6 – WGA Awards: Film Nominations Announced
Jan. 6 – Golden Globes: Final Ballots Due

Jan. 7 – WGA Awards: Voting Opens 

Jan. 8 – BAFTA Awards: Nominations Announced
Jan. 8 – Oscars: Nomination Ballots Due

Jan. 10 – Golden Globes

Jan. 11 – DGA Awards: Film Nominations Ballots Due

Jan. 12 – DGA Awards: Film Nominations Announced
Jan. 12 – Cinema Audio Society: Nominations Announced

Jan. 13 – DGA Awards: Documentary & TV Nominations Announced

Jan. 14 – Oscars: Nominations Announced 

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