Oscars ceremony reactions: Cheers for Lady Gaga, boos for Joan Rivers snub, both for Neil Patrick Harris

In Hollywood, our forum posters are respected and feared in equal measures for their strongly worded opinions. They did not hold back when watching the Oscars, which sparked strong responses in our forums — everything from “wow, they actually got it right this year” to “ho-hum” to “What were they thinking.”

Below, just a small taste of the delicious dish they served up over the three plus hours of the ceremony. Read more and have your say here.

Oscars: Complete list of winners

Pieman1994: Off to a good start.

MissingLink: I agree, I just hope that is it for singing and dancing.

nycguy: They gotta stop hiring these horrid producers.

Pieman1994: Everything is awesome, especially that performance.

24Emmy: They put a lot of work into that number. Will Arnett Batman cameo, Lego Oscars, and a dancing possum.

ThemeParks4Life: That performance rocked, hoping it wins!

Eddy Q: Hmmm, Everything Is Awesome kinda stops being funny when performed live, especially without the auto-tune in the chorus.

Sasha: So it’s the night of front-runners?

ChristopherK: Ok, so I totally get cutting people off if they are thanking agents and lawyers , but so far all 3 times they started playing to get them off the stage, they were in the middle of an important thank you or an important point the winner was making.

‘Birdman’ reigns victorious as Best Picture at the Oscars,
‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ also wins four

24Emmy: Very brave NPH. Very brave.

msnowden1: Wow. That was just…wow. (NPH in his underwear)

Michelle Fairley: Oh God Oscars are so lame and predictable. Who cares about sound mixing or hairstyling. Glad that they brought funny people for hosting. Otherwise it’d be unbearable. EMMYS WHERE ARE YOU :'(

Eddy Q: It would’ve been great to have Ejiofor present cinematography with Chastain as it would’ve been a “Children of Men”/”Tree of Life” reunion respectively.

Atypical: J-Hud is absolutely stunning!

surpriselover: Did they leave out Joan Rivers or did I miss her?

Sasha: What’s going on with Terrence Howard? I thought he was having either orgasm or heart attack…

Milo Kunis: Terrence Howard. Seriously? What a mess. I was laughing out loud.

Oscars winners: By film and by studio

Dead Like Me: “Two people that deserved to be here” totally disrespectful to the actual nominees.

AnnaSPB: NPH, please stop it with the box. It just isn’t funny anymore…

1874: Why is everybody crying?

Atypical: Damn. “Glory” was the best staged performance I’ve ever seen the Oscars do. All of those tears! Goodness. Loved it!

Grigoris White: Am I the only one shocked with Lady Gaga? I mean, I saw her live in September, but OH MY GOSH!

msnowden1: Julie Andrews! Standing O and well deserved. What a surprise!

seoul: Julie Andrews looks 30 years younger than she is.

Atypical: These speeches tonight, wow!

ETPhoneHome: I don’t know if everyone feels this way, but the box was great.

CordellMartin: Well there goes another year.

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