Oscars push for diversity extends to Board of Governors election results

On Friday, the motion picture academy announced the results of its annual Board of Governors election, with women now representing fully one-third of the 51 governors. Just three years ago, there were only nine women among the then 43 governors. Since then, the Art Directors branch was split into Designers and Costume Designers branches with three governors apiece, Makeup Artists and Hairstylists Branch went from one to three governors and the Casting Directors branch was created. 

Each of the 17 branches of the academy is represented by three governors who serve three-year terms. Those terms are staggered such that one governor from each branch is up for re-election each year. And no governor may serve for more than nine uninterrupted years. 

Of the 14 women on the current board of governors, only two — producer Kathleen Kennedy and costumer Deborah Nadoolman Landis — were up for re-election and both won. Women were also running for seats in 11 of the other branches and prevailed in three of those races: Documentary (Rory Kennedy), Editing (Carol Littleton) and Makeup & Hairstylists (Lois Burwell). Those happen to be the three wide-open races due to term limits.

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A dozen of the 17 branches had sitting governors battling to keep their seats, with nine of them winning. Among those facing the fiercest fights were Tom Hanks (Actors), Michael Mann (Directors), and Kennedy (Producers). 

Actors: Hanks, a two-time Oscar champ (“Philadelphia,” 1993; “Forrest Gump,” 1994), defeated past Oscar nominees Amy Madigan and Edward James Olmos

Directors: Lisa Choldokenko, who lost her bid for re-election last year to Edward Zwick, was hoping to defeat the incumbent Mann this year. She had only served two years, rather than the standard three, as she replaced Paul Mazursky when he stepped down after one year in 2012. That was the same year that saw the return of Mann, who had been on the board from 2000 to 2006. Two other women — Ava DuVernay and Kimberly Peirce — were also in this contest. 

Producers: Hawk Koch, who served one-year as academy president before term limits forced him off the board in 2013, tried to unseat Kennedy, an eight-time nominee for Best Picture. Also in that race were Stephanie Allain and Jennifer Todd.   

Of the three incumbents to go down to defeat, the most surprising was that of Executive branch governor Dick Cook, the former chair of Disney Studios, who was also the Treasurer. He lost to a former governor, Fox head honcho Jim Gianopulos. In addition, Gianopulos’ fellow Fox exec Stacy Snider and Lucy Fisher were in the running. 

Two branches – Cinematographers and Writers — had governors not seeking re-election. While Daryn Okada won the former race, the latter requires a run-off later this month between Larry Karaszewski and Billy Ray

Below, the breakdown of the new governors across all 17 branches of the academy, with the results of this election noted in gold (former governors seeking to return to the board are noted in italics.)

Annette Bening
Ed Begley, Jr.
Tom Hanks – up for re-election: vs. Amy Madigan, Edward James Olmos.

Jim Bissell – up for re-election: vs. Nathan Crowley, Tom Dussield, Ed Veloreaux.
Rick Carter
Jan Pascale

Casting Directors
Lora Kennedy
David Rubin
Bernard Telsey – up for re-election: vs. Denice Chamian, Nancy Foy, Margery Simkin. 

John Bailey
Caleb Deschanel
Daryn Okada (won seat vacated by Dante Spinotti) vs. Richard Crudo, Guillermo Navarro, Mandy Walker.

Costume Designers
Judianna Makovsky 
Jeffrey Kurland
Deborah Nadoolman Landis – up for re-election: vs. Ruth Carter, Ellen Mirojnick, Julie Weiss.

Kathryn Bigelow
Michael Mann – up for re-election: vs. Lisa Cholodenko, Ava DuVernay, Kimberly Peirce. 
Edward Zwick

Kate Amend
Rory Kennedy (won seat of Rob Epstein, who had reached term limit) vs. Orlando Bagwell, Karen Goodman, Davis Guggenheim.
Alex Gibney

Jim Gianopulos – defeated incumbent Dick Cook as well as Lucy Fisher and Stacey Snider.
Daniel Fellman
Amy Pascal

Film Editors
Carol Littleton (won seat of Mark L. Goldblatt, who had reached term limit) vs. Maryanne Brandon, Stephen Rivkin, Terilyn A. Shropshire.
Lynzee Klingman
Michael Tronick

Makeup Artists and Hairstylists
Kathryn Blondell
Bill Corso
Lois Burwell (won seat of Leonard Engelman, who had reached term limit) vs. Howard Berger, Donald Mowat, Robert Ryan.

Charles Bernstein
Charles Fox
Michael Giacchino – defeated incumbent Arthur Hamilton as well as Marco Beltrami and Patrick Williams.

Albert Berger
Mark Johnson
Kathleen Kennedy – up for re-election: vs. Stephanie Allain, Hawk Koch, Jennifer Todd.

Public Relations
Cheryl Boone Isaacs
Marvin Levy – defeated incument Rob Friedman as well as Terry Press and Dawn Taubin.
Nancy Utley

Short Films and Feature Animation
Jon Bloom
Bill Kroyer– up for re-election: vs. Eric Goldberg, Bob Kurtz, Theresa Wiseman.
Bob Rogers 

Curt Behlmer
Mark Mangini
Scott Millans – up for re-election: vs. Paul Massey, Andy Nelson, Gary Rydstrom.

Visual Effects
Richard Edlund
John Knoll – up for re-election: vs. Peter Anderson, Craig Barron, Thaddeus Beier.
Bill Taylor 

Bill Condon – vacating; Larry Karaszewski, Billy Ray, James Schamus, Dana Stevens
Phil Robinson.
Robin Swicord

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