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Worst Oscar wins you can’t get over – Click here to discuss

Berlin2002: Kim Basinger and Octavia Spencer come on down! Kim Basinger is in possession of an Oscar at the expense of Julianne “Boogie Nights” Moore? No way. Basinger is pretty in “L.A. Confidential” and that’s about it. Being pretty is her strongest acting talent. Julianne Moore on the other hand walked a dangerous tightrope in what could have been a joke of a performance in the hands of a lesser actress.

adamunc: I’m not a fan of Unforgiven or The English Patient, so their wins over Howards End and Fargo, respectively, irk me. I also thought L.A. Confidential was 17,468 times better than Titanic, but I get that one. The one that kills me most that no one else will care about is the mediocre script for Precious beating the brilliant adaptation Up in the Air for Adapted Screenplay. Why, people??

SandrineOnaissi: Not giving anything to Boyhood and Richard Linklater, after them winning everything except the Guilds. I want to kill them since. Seriously. I found that so unfair.

msnowden1: Art Carney winning for Harry and Tonto over Nicholson and Pacino, especially the latter. Al Pacino‘s performance in The Godfather Part II is one of the most influential film performances ever, and is arguably the greatest performance ever by a male actor. Jack Nicholson was a revelation, as well, in Chinatown. Shakespeare in Love winning Best Picture over Saving Private Ryan. Shakespeare in Love is a good movie, but nothing in it is better than the opening 30 minutes of Saving Private Ryan alone, let alone the movie as a whole.

Tony DiMeo: I still don’t understand how Sandra Bullock or Reese Witherspoon won. The only theory I can come up with is that they had both a bunch of romantic comedies and then when the academy saw them switch to a serious movie they gave them the award. “Brokeback Mountain” is a big blow for me because I thought it was so perfect and also “The Sessions” getting nothing but supporting actress nominations bugged me because the script was so good and so was John Hawkes

Peaceful Resolution: Matthew McConaughey is the worst win ever.

OnTheAisle: No loss is more painful than that of Judy Garland in 1954. She gave a riveting performance. At the premiere, the audience remarked to the media that they had just seen the year’s Best Actress Oscar winner. At the Oscar ceremony, Garland was hospitalized following the birth of her son. A TV crew came to the maternity ward and wired her up expecting a victory. When Grace Kelly was the surprise winner, Garland described how the crew silently stripped the wiring from under her blankets and left the room. Her then husband said their baby was the real prize.

Andy Samberg hosting the Emmys – Click here to discuss

Tyler The Awesome Guy: If you said this a few years ago, I would hate it, but B99 changed my opinion of Andy Samberg, so I am fully on board. But say “bye-bye” to his nomination!

MarcusJamesDixon: I would LOVE to see some Digital Shorts related to the Emmy nominees or TV in general. He was always at his best in those shorts.

espnfan: I’m not sure why they are announcing it so early but hey good for him.  Hopefully he can bring some energy and excitement to what has been a pretty dull and somewhat disapointing year in awards shows.

24Emmy: Expect some musical performances (everyone runs away screaming).

ThemeParks4Life: Samberg is an excellent choice. Here’s hoping he can get nominated this year.

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Djoko: I don’t know if you saw The Elephant Man, but Bradley Cooper was TERRIBLE!! He can have a million Oscar nominations and that will not get him a Tony for this show. I wouldn’t even nominate him. Alex Sharp also has the fact that he got crazy raves. Tony voters are not that into movie stars like the Emmys.

PianoMann: Cooper is certainly looking like a lock for a nomination and I know his performance in Elephant Man was well received, so he certainly has what people believe is a strong performance in his favor. I don’t think his star-wattage helps his chances here. Alex Sharp is definitely as strong a contender. I actually just saw Curious Incident on Sunday, and he has the performance to back up the hype.

SamEckmann: Cooper is at a disadvantage with his show being closed. Less voters will have seen it, though I think he is still getting a nod. Alex Sharp is just astoundingly good. The other candidate I think could make a showing is Stephen Boyer for Hand to God. He got tremendous notices for the play last year off-Broadway.

adamunc: It will be fascinating to see what the actual reactions to Something Rotten! and Shoulda Been turn out to be, since both are coming to Broadway having had mostly insider-only performances. Everything I’ve read about Shoulda Been says that Daly and Harris were fun but the show was an insult. Somehow SR! has this crazy positive buzz even though supposedly only a very few people have seen it and that was in a workshop.

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