‘Birdman’ makes Oscars history: First Best Picture winner since 1980 without editing nomination

The Oscars have given out a Film Editing award for 81 of its 87 years. “Birdman” just became the 10th film to win Best Picture without at least reaping a bid in that race, which went to “Whiplash.” Indeed, when nominations were announced last month, many pundits viewed the snub of “Birdman” in this category as a very bad omen for the film’s chances in Best Picture. Indeed, the last Best Picture without a corresponding nomination for Film Editing was “Ordinary People” back in 1980. The cutting prize that year went to “Raging Bull.” 

Below,  the eight other years where the Best Picture winner was not even in the running for Best Editing. 

1934: “It Happened One Night” (Film Editing winner: “Eskimo”)

1937: “The Life of Emile Zola” (Film Editing winner: “Lost Horizon”)

1948: “Hamlet” (Film Editing winner: “The Naked City”)

1955: “Marty” (Film Editing winner: “Picnic”)

1963: “Tom Jones” (Film Editing winner: “How the West Was Won”)

1966: “A Man For All Seasons” (Film Editing winner: “Grand Prix”)

1974: “The Godfather: Part II” (Film Editing winner: “The Towering Inferno”)

1977: “Annie Hall” (Film Editing winner: “Star Wars”)

Only three of the Film Editing champs were snubbed in the Best Picture race: “Eskimo,” “The Naked City” and “Grand Prix.”

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