Oscars showdown for Best Animated Feature: ‘Dragon 2’ vs. ‘Big Hero 6’

Before the Oscar nominations were announced, “The Lego Movie” was the clear frontrunner to win Best Animated Feature. After its shocking snub, “How to Train Your Dragon 2” is ahead, with 27 of our 29 Experts predicting it to win.

However, last year’s winning studio, Disney, has a solid contender in “Big Hero 6.” Could it pull off an upset? Below, the four key factors to consider before making your prediction.

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1.  The critics
At Metacritic, “Big Hero 6” scored 74, just edged out by “Dragon 2” at 76. On Rotten Tomatoes, we see the same margin with “Big Hero 6” at 90 and “Dragon 2” at 92. With the critical response within the margin of error, I’m calling this category a draw.

2. The public
To date, “Big Hero 6″ has made $219 million and blasted past the impressive $177 million taken in by “Dragon 2” last year. Its later release date means that “Big Hero 6” is fresher in people’s minds as well.

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3. The industry
“Dragon 2” smoked the competition at the Annie awards with six wins, including Best Animated Feature while “Big Hero 6” won only Animated Effects. Such strong support is why the experts so heavily favour “Dragon” to take flight on Oscar night.

4. The Oscar voters
My guess is that they will go with “Big Hero 6.” It has a lot of heart, it’s not a sequel and it’s from the most iconic and awarded animation studio of all time.

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