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Julianne Moore and the Oscar race for Best Actress – Click here to discuss

FreemanGriffin: Just saw Still Alice (: AMAZING, Phenomenal, superb, Oscar-worthy – OMG, Julianne Moore is SO deserving of her Oscar on February 22nd! (: She is in all but I think one scene (between Baldwin and Stewart, towards the end) and I was so deeply moved, brought to tears, and just loved everything about this movie and performance!

Vincelette: I’ve seen only Marion Cotillard, Rosamund Pike and Felicity Jones but so far it’s an incredibly strong category. I mean even “it’s stylish to hate” Jones is winning-worthy! Pike is mesmerizing and powerful! Cotillard is a revelation!

Carlo: No no no…I’ve seen Still Alice tonight and I didn’t like it. I usually love this kind of little movies, but this one felt really flat. The start was pretty promising, but the second half was just random scenes, also a bit boring. I couldn’t believe peolpe saying this was like a Lifetime movie of the week, but…it was. Nothing Oscar worthy. Away From Her a few years back was such a better written more complex movie. The wonderful Julianne Moore of course gives a very good performance– the whole movie would not exist without her performance.

Longoria: I saw ‘Still Alice’ last night and wow, I was just blown away by Moore’s performance. It was such a heartbreaking film and her character Alice really went through the gauntlet in such a small amount of time. While the movie itself did have it’s flaws, including the pacing of her disintegration, Kristen Stewart actually surprised me. Alec Baldwin, according to my bf, is “overrated and simply can’t act.” (ouch!)

GraysWay: Man, I just re-watched “Cake” last night, and I am still upset Marion Cotillard got in over Jennifer Aniston for her performance in “Two Days One Night.”  I’m confused as to how Cotillard was a ‘revelation’ in this film.

Dead Like Me: 1- Reese Witherspoon: Really surprised by this performance and love the film also. 2- Felicity Jones: I don’t why is that people fail to see that The Theory of Everything is the story of Jane Hawkins not Stephen Hawkins, is her story and told from her point of view and she is great in it. 3- Julianne Moore: A very solid performance by Moore but the story in the film was more interesting to me than the performance, even if the movie is not that great. Moore has been better before and the others contenders have better performance. 4- Rosamund Pike: I’m not a big fan of Gone Girl and didn’t find Pike all that special.

babypook: One more time, it isn’t about the performance. They have to deliver sure, but there’s no machine in the world which can tell us what is best and what isn’t. That’s all an individual, cultural, and unique perspective from the neck up.

Parenthood’ series finale – Click here to discuss

Tom Scavo: Does Jason Katims have a chance at getting nominated for writing the “Parenthood” series finale last night? I thought it was an excellent (and heartbreaking) hour of television. What do you think? I know he has been nominated for Friday Night Lights before.

mikeboy898: The amount of tears I’ve shed for that show over the years… let’s just say my tearducts have been active and I’ve used lots of kleenex. WOW what an incredible ending to a beautiful, emotionally resonating show. Excellent way to wrap everyone’s story up. I’ll miss the Braverman’s so much. Farewell, Parenthood!

Rich Landry: Those last 15 minutes were so beautiful. It is a shame how this show was always overlooked. At least Monica Potter got that Globe nod for her cancer storyline, something the Emmy’s shamelessly overlooked. I am hoping it can make it in this category. We’ve seen other shows pop up here that were overlooked like Buffy, Battlestar and even FNL.

Juan: I would love this so much. Parenthood has been one of the most underrated shows in the past few years and it would be amazing if they got this as a farewell. Plus the reception of the series finale has been great and Jason Katims has done this hat trick before. I really hope this happens.

Icky: I’ve never been much of a fan. Always came off like a watered-down FNL minus football. And it wasted a lot of its talented cast. I did consistently watch, and I thought the finale was as good as this series could have delivered. I wouldn’t mind a writing nod, It wont’t get one of course. FNL was able to break through due to the perfect combination of some slots being wide open, DirecTV going hard with its campaign and “The Son” being one of the most acclaimed, buzzed about episodes of TV that season.

Grammy race for Song of the Year
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kingofrapmusic17: Looks like “Take Me to Church” is going to be winning.

Gucci: Get Real! “Take Me To Church” is NOT winning this category. Leading nominee Sam Smith has this on lock.

Ryan Lapierre: It’s a 3 horse race. TMTC is the best written clearly. I’m currently predicting it with this controversy Stay With Me is stirring. Don’t forget Sia who could win as well.

mikeboy898: My only question is why is this whole “Stay with Me” debacle coming up just no a month before the Grammys. The whole thing is ridiculous. Tom Petty doesn’t need the damn royalties/songwriting credit. Sam and his team obviously didn’t intend for it to be similar, but some songs just end up sounding similar. Also I hope “Take Me To Church” TAKES this award.

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