16 hottest forums posts: Will it be ‘Boyhood’ or ‘Birdman’ for Oscar’s Best Picture?

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Will it be ‘Boyhood’ or ‘Birdman’ for Oscar’s Best Picture? – Click here to discuss

Nicole Dunn: Surprised most people in this thread weren’t even mentioning Birdman. Not saying it was an obvious PGA win, but it for it to be suddenly dropped after missing Globes was a naive consensus I think. If Inarritu can snag DGA somehow this is all over. I have a suspicion Linklater will still win DGA, so then this season becomes a new talking point of shattering stats and assumptions. 

Renaton: It’s much more likely it’s the PGA than the editing nom one. It really hasn’t been that long a film lost BP after it won PGA, but it has been much, much longer a film has won BP without an editing nom, especially because editing is kind of a vital aspect of filmmaking, and if a film can’t even get among the 5 best editing nominees, it seems unlikely it can win BP without being recognized in an essential aspect to be considered a great film.

Stardust: Same voting process and about the same number of members in PGA as in the academy vs 236 members in the editing branch. Plus significant support from actors and other branches. I’d say it’s a level playing field.

Ribs: What I think will decide it is where the votes from American Sniper‘s fans are going; they’re not going to be listing Boyhood as their second choice. It’s why I think the PGAs streak is the more relevant one; the trial-run of tiered voting has already proven a non-Boyhood result. The fact that SAG has come up with Birdman as an ensemble just goes further to strengthen it. I was desperately hoping to see Budapest win Best Ensemble to turn it into a three-way race for the finish, but right now it looks like Birdman’s gaining momentum and Boyhood has no real avenues to gain any more.

drenja: Birdman loses Best Comedy at both Globes and CC, and now comes with PGA and SAG ensamble. It helps Michael Keaton stay in this race even though i think that doors are opened for vote split with Bradley Cooper coming in it to win it, but it also at least for me moves Birdman to first place. While Boyhood is very good movie, there is question how many voters will really love it and put it #1.

FreemanGriffin: I still think Boyhood will win the Oscar. The other day when I was on the PGA site I realized that Boyhood would not win when the voters are only producers. I would be incredibly disappointed if Birdman were to win, or the rotten to the core American Sniper, but there is always 1976 to remember, when Rocky beat Network, All The President’s Men and Taxi Driver.

24Emmy: I’m perfectly fine with Birdman winning Best Picture. It’s my second favorite movie after Nightcrawler. Michael Keaton must win though.

SAG Awards television winners and losers – Click here to discuss

Rich Landry: Interesting choices this year. The “comedy” categories annoyed me the most because those shows are not funny. Orange is the New Black has more of a case for Comedy than Shameless! But everywhere else I was pretty happy about. I more so was shocked by the lack of attendance from the nominees. Many big name actors were not there.

espnfan: I am sure there are reasons why (which at this point and time I am not concerned with) but I just wanted to say that honestly I am shocked that Matthew McConaughey did not win either the Emmy/Golden Globe/SAG award for True Detective. If you would have told me 9 months ago that he would essentially go home empty handed for playing Rust Cohle, I would not have believed you.

24Emmy: I’m so glad I can finally say Shameless won a major award. William H. Macy! Pretty strong TV winners overall (minus Downton Abbey‘s ensemble win). Shame Mark Ruffalo and Kevin Spacey weren’t there.

taloson: Well Orange Is the New Black won the PGA and the SAG and it looks like the tide is turning. Curious to see if the Emmys will follow suit. Certainly bodes well for them.

PianoMann: Not sure why Kate Mulgrew was missing, but Taylor Schilling just began a very limited engagement of an Off-Broadway play opposite Peter Dinklage. They’re the main attraction, so I’m sure they had to choose the production rather than the awards ceremony. It’s a shame that Schilling misses the first major ensemble win for Orange!

Will ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’ win for Best Visual Effects?
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thedemonhog: I will be keenly watching to see what takes BAFTA and the guild. Interstellar has fallen a long way and it may not be done yet. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes won Critics’ Choice, but so did Rise of the Planet of the Apes and that lost to Hugo.

Filmatelist: There is a basic cardinal rule for the VFX Oscar–it either goes to the film with (a) the most total nominations, or (b) made the most $$$–preferably both. In the last 20 years, the only times this rule didn’t apply were: THE GOLDEN COMPASS beating TRANSFORMERS; WHAT DREAMS MAY COME beating ARMAGEDDON; BABE beating APOLLO 13. DAWN deserves it, but INTERSTELLAR will win.

Carol-Channing: I didn’t like Interstellar’s visual effects at all. Sure, it’s nice that they didn’t use computers, but all those shots of the side of a spaceship and and obvious picture on a screen in the background spinning around and around wasn’t impressive to me.

DominicCobb: It’d be nice for Interstellar to win because it could promote wider use of practical effects, and it does have the most nominations of the bunch. But, yes, its buzz ended up much lower than some thought, and it is not the highest grossing of the bunch. Neither is Apes, though, so I feel like if anything takes it from Interstellar it’ll be Guardians of the Galaxy (though the effects in Apes are extraordinary). 

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