‘Crash’: 10 years after controversial Oscars win, does it still deserve the backlash?

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It’s been 10 years since “Crash” became the Best Picture everyone loves to hate. The racially charged drama defeated “Brokeback Mountain” at the Oscars in 2005, and the academy has been charged with homophobia ever since. But in 2015, in the wake of widespread videos of police brutality and the Black Lives Matter movement, is it time to reconsider its legacy?

“Crash” director Paul Haggis himself has said publicly he would have voted for a different film, but is he right, or is he being falsely modest?

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We asked our forum posters and discovered the passion for and against the film is undiminished a decade later. Read some select comments below, and join the live discussion right now!

ETPhoneHome: I actually found it compelling. So sue me. I actually think it was a pretty weak year as far as Best Picture line-ups go, and I agree with the consensus that “Brokeback Mountain” would have made a more worthy winner, but I don’t think so because “Crash” is undeserving … Now I’m not going to get into films that I feel were wholly undeserving of their BP title because that’s a whole other discussion, but I’ll simply say that at least it wasn’t directed by Mel Gibson and rhymed with “Slave Blart.”

Vincelette: Well actually “Crash” is a much better film than “Brokeback Mountain” (wonderful performances, boring film). The reason people are upset about the win is that the “it film” (about the big issue) lost and this one won over it. If “Munich” or “Good Night, and Good Luck” would be our winner in that certain year, people would be hateful with those.

Tye-Grr: I quite liked “Crash,” and I still do. I don’t hate its win at all, and at the time I was happy for it’s win.

CanadianFan: “Crash” isn’t terrible, but it is aggressively mediocre, especially next to a classic like “Brokeback Mountain.”

K-Hole: The heavy-handed, over-the-top, ham-fisted racist stereotypes in this film are horribly insulting, unforgivable, cheap and lazy. Worst. Best. Picture. Ever.

DamianWayne: It was crap then and it was crap now. The real best picture winner that year was “Good Night and Good Luck.”

Boidiva02: Look, I’ll be honest, when “Crash” won B.P. I was one of those screaming “homophobia” and screaming that “BBM” should have won. But, in hindsight, I actually have come to realize that in many ways, “Crash” is a superior film.

What are your thoughts on “Crash”? Reconsidering the hatred you might have had a decade ago. Jump into our forums thread now where film fans are passionately discussing this topic.

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