Win $1,000 for best Oscar predictions — Hurry! Make your picks

Here’s your big chance to prove that you’re the smartest Oscar prognosticator — and win $1,000. Make your predictions here (see instructions below) and also earn a chance to become one of our Top 24 Users who compete against our Experts and Editors.

Check out our past contest winners featured in our Hall of Fame and leaderboards. Meet Jorden Samchok and Kyle Bailey who had the best Oscars predictions last year and learn their secrets. 

Make your first round of predictions now. Come back and change them as often as you like before 3 pm PT/6 pm ET on Oscar Sunday (Feb. 22). Read our Official Contest Rules.

It’s easy to get started: log in here with your Facebook account or register for a Gold Derby account. 

Then go to your predictions page here or click on “Predictions” at the right hand side of the menu bar on the top of every page:

Once you’ve landed on “My Predictions” page, click the event you want to predict: “Academy Awards”

Notice how the award shows that you have yet to predict are in blue and the ones you have done already are in green. 

After you click “Academy Awards” scroll down the page to the category boxes.

Press “Click here” within the box for Best Picture, for example, and a new box will pop up for you to make your predictions in that race.

One by one, grab the nominees from the left column and drag them to the right column, arranging them by likelihood of winning.

Once you’ve done that, be sure to place your bet using the drop-down meun in the top left corner. You can choose to wager 100, 200 or 500 points. If you are right, that wager will pay off as per the racetrack odds for that nominee. 

Then click “Save Predictions” and move on to the other 23 categories. And remember, you can change your predictions as often as you like until 3 pm PT/6 pm ET on Oscar Sunday (Feb. 22) 

Score the highest percentage AND get the highest point score and you win $1,000 and a place on our Leaderboard of Champions


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