How did Oliver Davidson kick YOUR ass to win $1,000 in our Oscars contest? (Video)

Congratulations to Oliver Davidson for winning the $1,000 grand prize in Gold Derby’s 2014 Oscar predictions contest. Davidson scored 92% accuracy, missing only 2 categories out of 24: Best Animated Feature and Best Original Screenplay.

“It was a good year of picks and I hope to repeat it if possible. It was tough,” he tells Gold Derby’s Tom O’Neil in our new webcam chat (watch below). See all of Davidson’s winning Oscar predictions here. Compare them to O’Neil’s picks here. Compare the accuracy rates of our Experts, Editors and Users here.

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Davidson, age 34, is a tax consultant at a small accounting firm in Houston, Texas. Technically, he came in sixth place on our Oscars leaderboard, but he’s the highest-ranked Derbyite to qualify for the prize.

Two players had the highest percentage of accuracy – 96% (23 out of 24 categories) – but Daniel Montgomery is disqualified because he’s a senior editor of Gold Derby and Jeremy Parilla (screen name “Jeremy”) lives in the Philippines. Our contest rules stipulate that the winner must be a U.S. citizen who does not work for this website.

Third-ranked Riley Chow (“thedemonhog”) is a contributing editor to Gold Derby, fourth-ranked Louis-Francois Archambault-Therrien (“Louis”) lives in Montreal, Canada, and fifth-ranked Liam Gadd (“Gaddinator”) is a citizen of Ireland. All three tied Davidson at 92%, but they ranked above him in our leaderboard because they had earned more points while waging against our racetrack odds. However, Davidson beat more than 3,000 other contest participants to claim the top prize.

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“[My friends] think it’s crazy that I’m winning money and free stuff just for essentially doing nothing,” Davidson jokes in the webcam chat below. “Some of them asked me for my picks and, you know, I’d give them some of my picks. [However,] I might have not given them ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel‘ for Best Score.”

“Why were you and I wrong about Original Screenplay?” O’Neil wonders. “Theoretically, we should have known what was coming,” thanks to “Birdman” also taking Picture, Director and Cinematography.

“I echo your sentiments totally. I didn’t mind missing Animated Feature … but this bothered me,” laments Davidson. “I kick myself over this. I believe that this may have been a situation in which the Academy had already decided that ‘Birdman’ is the Best Picture. But I thought they were gonna give screenplay to ‘Grand Budapest Hotel.’ Can’t get ’em all right!”

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