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24Emmy: I’d use my magic wish for my favorite actor, Harrison Ford. He has delivered two of the most iconic characters in the medium in Indiana Jones and Han Solo. He’s an awesome action star and his legacy reaches outside those franchises with hits such as Air Force One and The Fugitive. Is there another actor who you never see with the title ‘Academy Award nominee’? Nobody seems to remember he was nominated for Witness. I thought he delivered a knockout supporting turn in 2013’s 42.

RobertPius: Glenn Close. She’s had so many nominations and I think in the case of three of her 6 loses you could argue she gave the best performance in the category or at least a better one than the actual winner. (The World According to Garp, Fatal Attraction, Dangerous Liaisons). I recently rewatched The Natural which was always considered a weird nomination for her, one that she herself was suprised to receive. I found her surprisingly moving and strong in the film. (and not just during the famous standing in the bleachers scene.) She really was the bright spot of a film that is considered a little uneven at times.

KyleBailey: Picking one is hard but ultimately it would have to be Tim Burton. His library is full of wonders and he is one of the very first directors I knew by name. His work has such style to it and he’s so unique. No, not all of his films are perfect but his imagination is in the right place most of the time. I really thought he deserved at least a nomination for Sweeney Todd and he really made waves in the field that he could only get nominated in, animation. The Nightmare Before Christmas is a masterpiece. Corpse Bride is a wonderful film too. I know the Academy will never honor him competitively unless he strikes gold with another animated movie but he really deserves one.

jhaddad: Viola Davis, because she deserves to be a multi-Oscar winner and also in the hopes that it could attract more worthy roles for her. Since her last leading role in The Help she has been continuously sidelined to small supporting roles as a mother or teacher (Get On Up, Eleanor Rigby, Prisoners, Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close). She is the standout in whatever film she is in but lately her roles have been too small to warrant attention.

Halo Insider: There are a number of great actors that I could pick for this, but my selection goes for a different angle. My choice to win an Oscar is Roger Deakins, who may just be the finest cinematographer working today. He is a man whose selection of lighting can always be trusted to elevate a film’s atmosphere.

AMG: I would love to see David Fincher win an Oscar at some point in his career. He has such a bold stamp over all of his films, something which some Oscar winners just don’t have *cough*TOM HOOPER*cough*. He has made some absolute belters, some of which have been Academy fare – The Social Network & The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, as well as ones which were completely made just for the audience, without awards being in mind: Fight Club, Zodiac & Se7en.

ETPhoneHome: I picked the lead of The Grand Budapest Hotel, the irreverent Ralph Fiennes. Fiennes has demonstrated proficiency in Comedy and Drama equally, in a career that includes In Bruges and Schindler’s List. He has been in 3 Best Picture winners, and his films have amassed more Oscars collectively than any other living actor’s filmography.

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Boidiva02: Wow. I was not prepared for this AT ALL. It was really emotional and upsetting for me. I just didn’t want Derek to die. If he really wanted to leave the show, they could have just kept Derek in D.C. and had him and Meredith divorce. Killing him was really not necessary. I also find it odd that Meredith didn’t even call his sisters or mother to say goodbye to him.

FrozenBarbie: If pissing off your fan base, getting everyone to say what a lousy, poorly-written episode it was, and how they’re “done with Shonda” is considered doing something right, then mission accomplished. I watched. And it was a lousy, poorly-written episode, and a terrible way to get rid of a character. As someone said, they literally “Mathew Crawley’d him.” Ha.

Skylight: The Grey’s cast has to be the unluckiest in all of television. Let’s see…a shooting, airplane crash, electrocution, car crash, what’s next?

GraemeONeil: Page Six was reporting earlier this week that Patrick Dempsey was being a diva on set lately and pissing Shonda off. I’m not sure if I buy that, but yeah, the decision to kill him off is a strange one. It just made sense to send him back to D.C., and then when the show ended (probably after next season), he could come back ala Clooney and Margulies getting together when she left the show.

2015 Emmy races in movie/limited series categories
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thedemonhog: Something else that I have been wondering about in these categories is whether I should be predicting Felicity Huffman, Anna Gunn or Uma Thurman for the sixth lead actress slot (assuming that Nicole Kidman is eligible for the fifth).  Each was on a commercial broadcast network’s failed attempt at cashing in on the limited series craze.

24Emmy: I currently have Kelli Garner in there. The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe looks to be Lifetime’s big push this awards season and you know Marilyn Monroe is quite the baity role. Catherine Hicks was nominated back in 1981 for Marilyn: The Untold Story. Ashley Judd and Mira Sorvino were both nominated in 1996 for Norma Jean & Marilyn. Now of course the miniseries needs to get good reviews (strong ratings would be nice too).

Macbeth: Richard Jenkins gave the best male TV performance of 2014 by a mile, and he absolutely stole the miniseries “Olive Kitteridge from Frances McDormand. He was absolutely heartbreaking, brilliant and amazing. I resent the fact that this category doesn’t have a frontrunner.

espnfan: I have never bought that argument that voters will not vote for someone because they portray/play an unlikeable character on screen.  I know voters can be awfully foolish at times, but I really doubt they cannot tell the difference between Olive Kitteridge and Frances McDormand. Considering they had no problem voting for either Jessica Lange (twice in the past three years) or Kathy Bates last year, they do not seem to overly concerned with voting for people who do not portray saints on screen.

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