Oscars news: Julianne Moore on reality of ‘Still Alice,’ ‘CitizenFour’ sweeps Cinema Eye awards

Greg Ellwood recaps a recent Q&A that he moderated with Julianne Moore, the Best Actress frontrunner for “Still Alice.” “The recent Cannes winner revealed that early on she told co-directors Wash Westmoreland and Richard Glatzer that she wasn’t going to perform anything she hadn’t actually witnessed. ‘I feel like even if I’ve read it about it and haven’t seen it I don’t know how to be completely accurate,’ Moore says. ‘All the behaviors in the movie were things I had seen or things had discussed with me.'” HitFix


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In his intro to an in-depth interview with “Nightcrawler” writer/director Dan Gilroy, Pete Hammond writes: “After spending his career as a writer of such screenplays as ‘The Bourne Legacy,’ ‘Chasers,’ ‘Real Steel’ and many others, Gilroy, in his fifties, finally made his debut behind the camera with the critically acclaimed ‘Nightcrawler,’ which he also wrote. With Golden Globe, Critics Choice Movie Award, SAG, WGA and PGA nominations, to name a few that the film has so far received, Gilroy hit the jackpot first time out. Working with his brothers Tony, as a producer, and John, as an editor, Gilroy turned the experience into a family affair. It’s obvious the brothers’ father, playwright Frank Gilroy (‘The Subject Was Roses’), created a show business dynasty.” Deadline

Steve Pond reports: “‘Citizenfour,’ Laura Poitras’ documentary about NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, won four awards at the Cinema Eye Honors in New York City on Wednesday, reinforcing its position as the dominant non-fiction film of 2014. The film swept the top categories, winning Outstanding Achievement in Nonfiction Feature Filmmaking as well as Outstanding Achievement in Direction, Editing and Production. It became the second film in Cinema Eye history to win four awards, after ‘Waltz With Bashir,’ and the second to win best feature and best director after Steve James’ ‘The Interrupters.’” The Wrap

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Sasha Stone surveys the Best Picture race and writes: “2014, though, might force the Oscars to change unless they surprise everyone by picking divisive films like ‘Interstellar‘ and ‘Unbroken.’ These are much more in keeping with Oscar’s traditional sensibilities than ‘Gone Girl,’ ‘Nightcrawler‘ or ‘Foxcatcher.’ There is likely the notion that success is its own reward, even with the drastically altered landscape of the film industry, even with the need to preserve hard R films aimed at adults. Success, ‘Gone Girl’ style, could be both its own reward ($167 million) and a good example of how the Academy refuses to ever really change.” Awards Daily

Scott Feinberg observes, “People might like to think that Oscar voting is solely about merit, but that’s naive and incorrect. Academy members are people, not machines, which means that they can be influenced. And when the prize at stake is one that carries as much prestige and potential for increased opportunity and earning as the Oscar does, well, of course contenders for it are going to try to influence the outcome by lobbying voters, in one form or another — participating in Q&As, granting interviews, taking out ads, making appearances, accepting tributes, etc.” THR

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