Oscars LIVE blog: Let’s dish the best, worst and craziest moments

Gold Derby Editors can’t stifle what we think of every moment at the Oscars. Here are our live musings from Daniel Montgomery, Marcus James Dixon, Rob Licuria, Matt Noble, Ralph Galvan and Charles Bright.

Most recent comments are on top.

RALPH: Thank you Indie Spirits for leading me on the right path.

DANIEL: And Neil Patrick Harris’s Oscar predictions bit dies a sad death.

DANIEL: Finally, justice for Julianne Moore. And hey, both actress winners are over age 40. There’s hope for Hollywood.

RALPH: Tom’s phone is going to ring in 3…2…1…………

DANIEL: With Eddie Redmayne, every Best Picture nominee has now won at least one award.

ROB: Ok, so this now must happen. MUST. Guillermo del Toro for director next year.

DANIEL: These acceptance speeches have been so damn good. Next year, maybe the Oscars should just go hostless.

RALPH: These are officially the worst Oscars ever.

RALPH: Graham Moore’s speech was better conceived than his screenplay for The Imitation Game.

DANIEL: I have issues with that “Imitation Game” screenplay, but I have to hand it to Graham Moore for a beautiful speech.

ROB: I didn’t know Jonathan Groff wrote “The Imitation Game”!

MATT: Two powerful messages: After a moving tribute to the legacy of Martin Luther King being pertinant in todays day and age, we have Lady Gaga showing that the lacacy of Sound of Music also lives on.

RALPH: Birdman. Wow! Poor Wes Anderson – everyone is winning for his movie but him.

DANIEL: Holy cow, I called “Birdman” for Original Screenplay! I so thought I was going off a cliff on these screenplay races.

DANIEL: My predictions are doing pretty well so far, but I have a sinking feeling I’m going off a cliff on those screenplay categories.

ROB: Against the odds, and to my utter surprise, Gaga is really doing a great job on stage. People usually forget she can hold a tune, unlike most of her contemporaries.

DANIEL: Tonight the Oscars are going the opposite of how I expected: I think the musical numbers are turning out better than Neil Patrick Harris’s hosting.

ROB: I really disliked a lot of Interstellar, but I loved the visual effects. And we got to hear that great Hans Zimmer cue when the winners walked up to the stage.

RALPH: Nothing is gravy with this Oscar telecast – it’s a chore.

ROB: This Sound of Music tribute is either going to be passable or a train wreck.

DANIEL: Haha, just the opposite Ralph. “Selma” and “Interstellar” are now Oscar-winning films, so the rest of the night is gravy for me. 🙂

RALPH: “Selma” and “Interstellar” have now won the only Oscars they honestly can so this must mean Daniel is now clocking-out for the night.

DANIEL: Between their performance and their speeches, John Legend and Common delivered the night’s best moments. Eloquent, urgent, uncompromising. Can we have a tour where they and Patricia Arquette talk about social justice?

ROB: For about 4 seconds I was like “who is John Stevens and Lonnie Linn?”

MATT: So rather than pronoucing her name wrong, this year John Travolta thought he’d sEe how handsy he could get with Idina Menzel at the Oscars.

MARCUS: Funniest moment of the night was seeing Idina Menzel and John Travolta making fun of the infamous Adele Dazeem gaff from last year. Bravo!

ROB: Wow, that Glory performance was just perfect. So moving.

RALPH: Finally! A Joke! Bravo, NPH!

DANIEL: This “Glory” performance reminds me why I want it to win. Beautifully performed and staged.

MARCUS: “Whiplash” and “The Grand Budapest Hotel” are tied right now with three Oscars each. Only one apiece for frontrunners “Boyhood” and “Birdman” — hmm …

RALPH: Charlie’s problem is that he doesn’t listen. I said in my pre-Oscar chat that it was one of the changes I made after yesterday’s Spirit Awards but that Virunga could still potentially upset. But I went CitizenFour.

CHARLES: With “Virunga” losing Best Documentary, this is the LAST time I listen to Ralph about anything.

DANIEL: Loved that “Citizenfour” win and acceptance speech. At least one female director wins an Oscar tonight.

ROB: Laura Poitras (“Citizenfour”) going all Fifty Shades of Grey with those leather lace-up gloves.

ROB: The audience screeching and clapping profusely every time “Selma” is mentioned. Really? Then why not nominate it more?

RALPH: Terrence Howard is Terrence Howard no more – he is full on Lucious Lyon. #EmpireOnFox

MATT: Terrence Howard really loves these best picture noms.

DANIEL: Holy crap, the ONE last-minute prediction change I made actually paid off. Hooray for “Whiplash” editing! How do I know I’m an awards nerd? I was on pins-and-needles for Best Film Editing.

RALPH: Whiplash 3/3!!!! YES!!!!

MARCUS: Woo-hoo! So glad I stuck with my guns and went against the odds in picking “Whiplash” for Editing. I may have just jumped up and down.

ROB: At least it wasn’t Bette Midler singing “Wind Beneath My Wings”. I was hoping the Acad Prez was going to say “Zadan and Meron, you’re fired” during her speech.

DANIEL: I’m usually very lenient on the hosts, especially with these producers, but the writers might be a bigger problem tonight, and Neil Patrick Harris isn’t the kind of host who bombs well. When he doesn’t get a laugh, he looks like a deer in headlights.

ROB: I’m really struggling to come up with highlights of this show. Why are they getting it so wrong? Oh how I wish the great Gil Cates was still with us.

DANIEL: Yeah, having Jennifer Hudson perform AFTER the In Memoriam montage seemed odd. Should have had her sing during the segment like they usually do for those.

ROB: The In Memoriam segment fell flat. They even got that one wrong. And it’s hard to screw that up. The morbid clapping, the pastel watercolor photos and then the time suck of a post-montage song. And no Joan Rivers!

DANEIL: Did I miss Joan Rivers in the In Memoriam segment? Looks like they left her out.

RALPH: Did they really not include Joan Rivers? That’s pretty shocking, right? And why not have JHud just waste time singing during the actual segment rather than have her do it after? This is just cheesey.

RALPH: You think James Franco and Anne Hathaway are watching NPH and thinking: “Yes! Keep it up Neil! Go Neil Go!”

MARCUS: Oh gosh, here goes the In Memoriam. I’m gonna cry.

RALPH: Viva Mexico!!!

DANIEL: Two years ago, Emmanuel Lubezki was long overdue a cinematography Oscar, and now he’s got two. Great to see.

MATT: Not only did his film win but it looks like Wes Anderson did the title cards for the Production design presentation.

DANIEL: Neil Patrick Harris and Octavia Spencer could use an ejector seat on their Oscar predictions box recurring bit. Cut your losses guys.

MATT: Everything is awesome for Big Hero 6

DANIEL: I’m starting to feel bad for Neil Patrick Harris. A lot of his jokes seem to be going over kind of like that one he tried on Robert Duvall. Tough room.

RALPH: Poor Dragon. They even did a podcast with us while those damn Disney folks didn’t. Damn you Oscar!

DANIEL: “Big Hero 6” was my first wrong prediction of the night. Had to end sometime. I had a hunch about that one, but so hard to guess without any other award results to refer to.

MATT: Disney Animation gets their second win in a row for the Robot with heart, wonder if they alos got their hands on one of those lego Oscars?

ROBERT: I just screamed out loud that Big Hero 6 has triumphed!!!!! YES!!!!!

MARCUS: I can’t believe I missed both animated categories! Aargh, this is gonna kill my final total.

RALPH: I went with Feast because it was obvious. #DixonCurse

ROB: Screw you guys for convincing me to switch from Feast to The Dam Keeper, YESTERDAY!!!!!!

MARCUS: Dangit, I went on my own to pick “The Dam Keeper” and wound up getting screwed. Guess that just goes to show you should always stick with the Gold Derby frontrunner.

DANIEL: Squee for “Insterstellar” winning Visual Effects. I was nervous about “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.” That would have been a deserving winner too, but “Oscar-winning film ‘Interstellar'” has a nice ring to it.

ROB: Beyond the Lights: great movie, great song, great performer. C’mon Dianne “Lucci” Warren!!!

RALPH: Patricia Arquette wins the night. Screw those giving her crap for her sheet of paper, that had a powerhouse message on it. Well done!

ROB: YES! Patricia Arquette brought it!!!! Love her, love what she had to say. And love Meryl Streep’s reax.

MARCUS: Oh, Patricia. Did you really need that paper?

DANIEL: I’m really happy for Patricia Arquette. Hard to believe she started making that movie before she even started on “Medium.” She won an Emmy for that while making this, and now she has an Oscar. Pretty sweet.

DANIEL: My predictions were perfect on Sound and the Shorts so far. I can’t tell if these means a predictable night or they’re holding out on us. Biting my nails.

RALPH: Whiplash = 2/2. Hope it goes 5/5!

RALPH: Margot Robbie and Miles Teller = two should-have-been Oscar Nominees. *sigh*

DANIEL: “I worked hard to get this ‘Hedwig’ body. Is there a pretense to get me naked?” – Conversation that must have happened between Neil Patrick Harris and Oscar producers.

CHARLES: Ok great. Now we know NPH dresses to the left.

MARCUS: How come the commercials at the Oscars aren’t as good as those at the Super Bowl?

CHARLES: Tim McGraw owned that stage.

MARCUS: Oh and by the way, my birthday is June 4. If you can’t decide what to get me this year, I’d love one of those Lego Oscars.

RALPH: “I’m not gonna miss you” sung by Tim McGraw was hands-down THE best music performance tonight.

MARCUS: Julianne Moore is crying in the audience. Save those waterworks for when you win your first Oscar in like two hours!

ROB: “I’m Not Gonna Miss You: Bathroom Break”. Too much?

DANIEL: “Oh sure, NOW you like him” — Neil Patrick Harris after the audience applauds David Oyelowo was a great line, but he doesn’t do audience interaction as well as Ellen did. She was made for that kind of thing.

DANIEL: I really wish they’d bring these honorary awards back to the telecast. Much more meaningful than most of what they’ve got planned for the night.

RALPH: Viola Davis reminds me that we’re just hours away from EMMY SEASON!!!

DANIEL: Note to Oscars orchestra: maybe don’t try to play off a winner paying tribute to her deceased son.

ROB: Crisis Hotline: Best Dressed Pom Poms.

ROB: Me too… Bbaaaaaaaaaa

DANIEL: Woo hoo! Live Action Short category I followed the herd and got it right! Independent thought is overrated. 🙂

RALPH: Ok, not history because I haven’t watched the first hour of every one ever, but of the past 15yrs for sure.

ROB: I’m desperate for a moment of true emotion and spontaneity. Cmon Oscars!!!

RALPH: Not just you, Rob. This first hour of the Oscar telecast has to be one of the worst in its history. No jokes to loosen folks up and get them in a fun mood and the ones that are being delivered just aren’t hitting. This is rough. Not NPH’s fault either, it’s the producers.

DANIEL: I liked that the “Everything is Awesome” performance was cute and weird and threw a lot of stuff at the wall. Much in the spirit of the movie. Not sure it hit show-stopper level, but only because it was very brief, and I’m not about to complain about musical numbers being too short tonight. Keep it moving.

ROB: Seriously, is it just me? Something is off. Not even the Lego Movie song hit it out of the park.

MARCUS: I love The Lonely Island, but they shouldn’t be performing on the Oscar stage. Perhaps the People’s Choice Awards?

ROB: Everything is Awesome? I’m too old for this s**t.

MARCUS: Those ladies just became the most famous seat fillers of all time.

RALPH: Grand Budapest gets its own Best Pic nom segment but Birdman, Theory, and Boyhood’s nom feature is grouped together? I don’t get it. Did Pawel really go that long in his speech?

ROB: YES!!! They try to play off the director of Ida, but we wasted 5 valuable minutes on that stupid briefcase predictions bit. Let them talk!

DANIEL: Haha, they tried to play off Pawel Pawlikowski, but he was having none of that. Bravo Pawel!

MARCUS: I’m 4 for 4 right now. Is the #DixonCurse officially over?

ROB: I love me a bit of NPH. But he’s not doing too well so far. Is he nervous or is it the writing?

DANIEL: I like Neil Patrick Harris at all, but some of these jokes are pretty rough. The Channing Tatum “Pants down” zinger was kind of a copy of the much better “best and whitest — er brightest” joke from the start of the show.

RALPH: Rene Russo sighting at the Oscars!!! YOU SHOULD BE A NOMINEE, RENE!!

DANIEL: I think that “Eat her up Witherspoon” joke was supposed to be bad, but it wasn’t really a good bad joke.

DANIEL: I really wish they were showcasing these nominated costume designers better during that announcement of the nominees. Hardly any attention to the designs at all.

ROB: So, basically JLo isn’t able to leave her home without showing off her breasts. Cover up your tatas Jenny!

MARCUS: I wonder if Milena Canonero designed her own Oscar dress?

ROB: Lost Stars: My personal fave of the nominated songs. But Adam Levine, please calm down and leave the microphone stand alone.

RALPH: Two musical acts before the first break!? JK Simmons is the only way anyone would be able to tell that these are the Oscars and not the Tonys or Grammys – and even he was in a music film.

ROB: The “let’s revisit the nominees for best picture” bits throughout the show are a huge waste of time. I’ve seen the trailer. Please, awards gods, make it stop!!!!

MATT: Neil Patrick Harris shamelesly auditioning for a spot on the Gold Derby editor team.

RALPH: Farmers Insurance is an Oscar winner!

DANIEL: And the Oscar for Best JK Simmons Performance in a Foregone Conclusion goes to …

ROB: I had the same thought Daniel. i love the graphics. Clips rule! I love a good standing O for a great journeyman actor like JK Simmons.

DANIEL: Whoa, Oscars showing clips of the nominated performances. I wonder how long into the show before they decide to cut them.


MATT: Amazing opening number and cool to see Anna Kendrick aperence and who would have thought a “The Perfect Storm” refrence in 2015.

MARCUS: Same here, Daniel. I thought NPH did a great job!

DANIEL: I actually really liked that opening musical number. Not looking forward to the next 87 musical numbers, but the first one was really good.

RALPH: This Tony telecast is brutal.

ROB: “Moving Pictures”: Welcome to the Tony Awards. From 1998.

DANIEL: I love Anna Kendrick. She should be in all the things. And she should always be singing.

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