Oscars update: ‘Birdman,’ ‘Grand Budapest’ reap bids with 10 of 11 guilds

With Tuesday’s nominations announcements by Directors Guild, Cinema Audio Society and Visual Effects Society, 11 guilds have now weighed in with their picks for the best of the year. The last one — the Motion Picture Sound Editors — reveals it line-up on Wednesday. 

Two films — “Birdman” and “The Grand Budapest Hotel”  — have reaped bids with 10 of the 11 guilds. “Birdman” was not eligible with the writers while “Grand Budapest” did not register with the sound mixers.

The Imitation Game” has scored with all but the makeup/hairstylists and sound mixers. “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Gone Girl” make the cut with seven while “American Sniper,”  “Boyhood” (our frontrunner for Best Picture) and “Nightcrawler” nabbed nods with six each.

Selma,” which we currently have ranked third for Best Picture, has been all but shut out save for costume design and hairstyling noms due to a lack of screeners. 

Below, a breakdown by picture of guild nominations to date. 

PGA = Producers Guild of America (report)
DGA = Directors Guild of America (report)
SAG = Screen Actors Guild (report)
WGA = Writers Guild of America (report)
ACE = American Cinema Editors (report)
ADG = Art Directors Guild (report)
ASC = American Society of Cinematographers (report)
CAS = Cinema Audio Society (report)
CDG = Costume Designers Guild (report)
MHG = Makeup & Hairstyling Guild (report
VES = Visual Effects Society (report)

Ten Guilds

Birdman” (not WGA eligible)
PGA – Best Picture
DGA – Best Director (Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu)
SAG – Best Ensemble, Actor (Michael Keaton), Supp. Actor (Edward Norton), Supp. Actress (Emma Stone)
ACE – Comedy/Musical (Douglas Crise, Stephen Mirrione)
ADG – Contemporary Film (Kevin Thompson)
ASC – Emmanuel Lubezki
CAS – Sound Mixing
CDG – Contemporary Film (Albert Wolsky)
MHG – Contemporary Hairstyling 
VES – Supporting Visual Efffects

The Grand Budapest Hotel
PGA – Best Picture
DGA – Best Director (Wes Anderson)
SAG – Best Ensemble
WGA – Best Original Screenplay (Wes Anderson)
ACE – Comedy/Musical (Barney Pilling)
ADG – Period Film (Adam Stockhausen)
ASC – Robert D. Yeoman
CDG – Period Film (Milena Canonero)
MHG – Period/Character Makeup, Hairstyling
VES – Supporting Visual Efffects

Nine Guilds

The Imitation Game
PGA – Best Picture
DGA – Best Director (Morten Tyldum)
SAG – Best Ensemble, Actor (Benedict Cumberbatch), Supp. Actress (Keira Knightley)
WGA – Best Adapted Screenplay (Graham Moore)
ACE – Drama Film (William Goldenberg)
ADG – Period Film (Maria Djurkovic)
ASC – Oscar Faura
CDG – Period Film (Sammy Sheldon Differ)
VES – Supporting Visual Efffects

Seven Guilds

Gone Girl
PGA – Best Picture
SAG – Actress (Rosamund Pike)
WGA – Best Adapted Screenplay (Gillian Flynn)
ACE – Drama Film (Kirk Baxter)
ADG – Contemporary Film (Donald Graham Burt)
CDG – Contemporary Film (Trish Summerville)
MHG – Contemporary Makeup 

Guardians of the Galaxy
WGA – Best Adapated Screenplay (James Gunn and Nicole Perlman)
ACE – Comedy/Musical (Fred Rasking, Hughes Winborn, Craig Wood)
ADG – Fantasy Film (Charles Wood)
CAS – Sound Mixing
CDG – Fantasy Film (Alexandra Byrne)
MHG – Contemporary Makeup, Hairstyling, Special Makeup
VES – Visual Efffects

Six Guilds

American Sniper
PGA – Best Picture
DGA – Best Director (Clint Eastwood)
WGA – Best Adapated Screenplay (Jason Hall)
ACE – Drama Film (Joel Cox, Gary Roach)
ADG – Contemporary Film  (James J. Murakami, Charisse Cardenas)
CAS – Sound Mixing

PGA – Best Picture
DGA – Best Director (Richard Linklater)
SAG – Best Ensemble, Supp. Actor (Ethan Hawke), Supp. Actress (Patricia Arquette)
WGA – Best Original Screenplay (Richard Linklater
ACE – Drama Film (Sandra Adair)
CDG – Contemporary Film (Kari Perkins)

PGA – Best Picture
SAG – Actor (Jake Gyllenhaal)
WGA – Best Original Screenplay (Dan Gilroy)
ACE – Drama Film (John Gilroy)
ADG – Contemporary Film  (Kevin Kavanaugh)
MHG – Contemporary Makeup

Five Guilds 

PGA – Best Picture
SAG – Actor (Steve Carell), Supp. Actor (Mark Ruffalo)
WGA – Best Original Screenplay (E. Max Frye and Dan Futterman)
ADG – Contemporary Film (Jess Gonchor)
MHG – Special Makeup

ADG – Fantasy Film (Nathan Crowley)
CAS – Sound Mixing
CDG – Contemporary Film (Trish Summerville)
MHG – Contemporary Makeup
VES – Visual Efffects

Into the Woods
SAG – Supp. Actress (Meryl Streep)
ACE – Comedy/Musical (Wyatt Smith)
ADG – Fantasy Film (Dennis Gassner)
CDG – Fantasy Film (Colleen Atwood)
MHG – Period/Character Makeup, Hairstyling. Special Makeup

The Theory of Everything” (not WGA eligible)
PGA – Best Picture
SAG – Best Ensemble, Actor (Eddie Redmayne), Actress (Felicity Jones)
ADG – Period Film  (John Paul Kelly)
CDG – Period Film (Steven Noble)
MHG – Period/Character Makeup, Hairstyling

ADG – Period Film (Jon Hutman)
ASC – Roger Deakins
CAS – Sound Mixing
MHG – Period Makeup
VES – Supporting Visual Efffects

Four Guilds

PGA – Best Picture
SAG – Supp. Actor (J.K. Simmons)
WGA – Best Original Screenplay (Damien Chazelle
ACE – Drama Film (Tom Cross)

Three Guilds

“Captain America: The Winter Soldier”
ADG – Fantasy Film (Peter Wenham)
MHG – Contemporary Makeup
VES – Visual Efffects

“The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies”
CDG – Fantasy Film (Bob Buck, Ann Maskrey, Richard Taylor)
MHG – Special Makeup
VES – Visual Efffects

Inherent Vice
ACE – Comedy/Musical (Leslie Jones)
ADG – Period Film (David Crank)
CDG – Period Film (Mark Bridges)

SAG – Actress (Reese Witherspoon)
WGA – Best Adapated Screenplay (Nick Hornby)
CDG – Contemporary Film (Melissa Bruning)

Two Guilds 

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
ADG – Fantasy Film (James Chinlund)
VES – Visual Efffects

Selma” (not WGA eligible)
CDG – Period Film (Ruth E. Carter)
MHG – Period Hairstyling

St. Vincent
SAG – Supp. Actress (Naomi Watts)
MHG – Contemporary Hairstyling

One Guild 

SAG – Actress (Jennifer Aniston)

The Judge 
SAG – Supp. Actor (Robert Duvall)

Still Alice
SAG – Actress (Julianne Moore“)

Mr. Turner” (not WGA eligible)
ASC – Dick Pope

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