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Will the Oscars be completely predictable? – Click here to discuss

ZachLozano: Judging from the precursors, this year’s ceremony is looking to be incredibly predictable. The past few years have had very close races that could’ve gone in a number of different directions, however I feel like this year is shaping up to be like 2010 when all the frontrunners prevailed at GG,CC,SAG, and BAFTA. Do y’all see this being another 2010? Let’s just hope the Neil Patrick Harris does a better hosting gig than Hathaway and Franco.

Junk: Even last year there was a serious fight to the finish race between 12 Years and Gravity. Both unprecedently tied at the PGAs, plus Gravity was hugely backed by the critics as well. Supporting Actress and to a lesser degree Best Actor were also in many ways not nearly locks. Plus surprise win for Original Screenplay. And may I add the presence of major movie stars present last year.

babypook: For crying out loud! Predictable predictable, same ‘ol same ‘ol “give us a surprise shake things up” blahblahblah. Turn off your television set. Don’t read anything Oscar-related. Stay away from ALL Entertainment and Blogger sites. Forget what if anything you’ve learned and gleaned from Oscar history, tradition, tastes and politics. Plus, park your brain at the door. Then perhaps we’ll all be freaking surprised.

Halo Insider: Actor is still a race, at the very least until SAG. Both Screenplay categories are a little up in the air. Original is likely going to be a fight between Birdman and The Grand Budapest Hotel. The latter is more of a writer’s achievement, I think, but the win could all depend on whether the Academy is more partial to awarding Alejandro or Wes Anderson this year. Adapted I’m not too certain of. I’d like to think of Whiplash having a shot, if people are able to go for it over The Imitation Game, but maybe the passion for American Sniper translates to a win there.

KyleBailey: Last year was actually pretty predictable but not confident predictable. Picture, Actor, Supporting Actress, both screenplays, Costumes, Documentary, a lot of things were close races but they still had the outcome that was expected. This year is not 100% predictable. Both screenplays, score,both sound, song, and Foreign are all a little foggy with many possibilities but the main categories are pretty decided except actor

ETPhoneHome: I hate when people complain about it being predictable, and saying they hope for a surprise. I guess that everybody’s favourite Best Picture winner was Crash, because it was such a surprise! Sometimes a race is predictable, because the right films win. Just saying.

AviChristiaans: Very! VERY PREDICTABLE. Hoping for at least ONE major shocker that will send Gold Derby into orbit.

2015 Emmy race for Best Drama Actress – Click here to discuss

MadsonMelo: As of now I’m predicting Julianna Margulies, Viola Davis, Robin Wright, Claire Danes as the most likely. Then there’s Lizzy Caplan, Michelle Dockery and Kerry Washington, we still have Ruth Wilson and why not Patricia Arquette and even Elisabeth Moss for a farewell nomination? It’s going to be a good battle.

Irishmovielover4ever: In lead actress Margulies and Wright are pretty safe with one the returning winner and the one on the show most likely to get into series. Davis will take Washington’s spot as the Shondaland lady. Danes should be next sadly and Dockery who literally had nothing substantional gets in once again. Wilson might have won the globe but many women have won the globe and been snubbed. She is not happening. While people might not believe in Moss returning or Mad Men going out with a bang I believe that is what will push Moss into claim her rightful nomination. My wishful pick is Green but of the showtime women Danes sadly will get in as a previous winner and previous nominee.

ThemeParks4Life: Tatiana Maslany isn’t happening. If she was going to get in, it would have been last year.

Joe: She got in for SAG and all of the voters know how good she is know after the reaction they got last year after snubbing her, so I think she may be a spoiler.

WaltEagle: What? There was backlash when she was snubbed for Season 1 too, and that didn’t change anything. And Season 2 was far less loved and buzzy.

Should ‘Selma’ have been delayed to 2015?
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traxton: Selma was one of the best films of 2014 imo and the reason why it bombed so spectacularly in the Oscar nominations pool is due to it being released too late. A strong film like Selma should not have banked on the limited release in Dec and relied on buzz to clinch nominations. That strategy works for potentially polarizing films helmed by reputable directors with formidable casts which would thus require a very late release to avoid the onslaught of critics who would have seen through its flaws and attacked these films for months till nominations (notable examples in the recent years were American Sniper, American Hustle, Wolf of Wall Street).

Ryan Lapierre: Yes I think it should have been delayed. David Oyelowo would get in. The only reason why he didn’t get in this year was because it was too packed. And Selma would’ve gotten more nominations. But it depends what we get this year.

ProfessorChaos: Yes, if it wasn’t complete in time to screen earlier, it should have been pushed back. It’s late entry worked against it. It’s a small film that could have benefited from a lengthy push. American Sniper had an advantage of entering the game late because it had star power in both its filmmaker and star.

Atypical: Paramount could have botched its Oscar campaign for “Selma” in any year. Voters can be racist in any year. I do think that “Selma” needed more time to build momentum with audiences and the guilds (the critical support was already present). The controversies would have plagued it regardless, but in terms of factual accuracy at least, I find it specious that “Selma” seemed to be the only victim of the fact-checking police this season, while much more vile offenders like “Foxcatcher,” “American Sniper,” and “The Imitation Game” are left virtually unscathed.

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