Meet the guy who kicked your ass predicting Oscar nominations (video)

How did Matthew Dittes (Cinemateo21) beat more than 3,000 rivals who predicted Oscar nominations at Gold Derby? (See leaderboards.)

In our webcam chat below, he says, “I mostly follow the guilds,” which he defines as “those other awards that have overlap with Oscars.

“I was pretty confident in my top 8 for Best Picture,” he says of his predictions. “I usually have a confident 3 or 4 and from there — either deciding what I think will be a surprise upset or what will be an inclusion that maybe everyone else isn’t predicting. Cross my fingers.”

Dittes tied two other users – Denton and Jeremy – for best accuracy (79%), but he won our $1,000 contest prize by besting the others in total point score: 32,531, topping Denton merely by 429 points. Last year Dittes came in 12th place with 75%.

“I am 30, originally from Minnesota,” he says. “I moved to New York City about 6 years ago. I live in Brooklyn with my husband and my two cats. I’m assistant director of a small contemporary dance company. I choreograph and perform with them and then I work in retail to pay the bills.” He says that he’s obsessively watched and predicted the Oscars for 16 years and he’s been a Gold Derby user since 2011.

We break down his predictions here.

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