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cinephil: I know I am kind of going out on a limb there but if anyone can actually upset Patricia Arquette at last minute it will be Laura Dern. She was considered the frontrunner at the beginning of the season and then fell behind, almost disappearing – just (?) to come back with a nomination that surprised everybody and clearly resonated well with the audiences. I know it is very unlikely but maybe this could be another Marcia Gay Harden moment?

drenja: No one is beating Arquette. At this state of race where things are shaking up in some big categories they will want to be sure to 100% give something big to Boyhood, and even if someone upsets it for BD and BP she is winning. There is no momentum for Dern what so ever and her nomination was big surprise if i have to pick someone to finish second its probaby Stone, or well maybe Streep cause she is Streep.

Dead Like Me: In order of preference: 5- Keira Knightley – I find this one of the most overrated performance of the year. OK, she’s good, really good but not Oscar worthy. 4- Patricia Arquette – I don’t like the movie but Arquette is the only thing that is worth watching in Boyhood but she has given much better performances in every episode of Medium and Boardwalk Empire. 3- Emma Stone – She’s really great in Birdman. 2- Meryl Streep – Superb as always, if only the third act of the film were stronger. 1- Laura Dern – It’s a very tiny part, maybe less than 10 minutes but boy what 10 minutes. This is the kind of performance that should be celebrated.

espnfan: I cannot help but feel that for anyone participating in the predictions game here for the Oscars, maybe Laura Dern might be a good No Guts No Glory bet.  I am more than likely wrong, but I cannot help but feel if they noticed her enough to nominate her in the first place, she might have more support than we know about.  I do not recall her ever being a frontrunner, but did have some buzz along the way. I doubt she will win, but I thought Dern was absolutey radiant and beautiful in Wild.  I have no problem with her nomination.

Etchie: IF Streep springs a surprise WIN, her 4th, what would you do or your reactions be?

GustavoCruzESilva: Sorry to say but almost half of Streep’s nominations were undeserved (including this and last year’s.

VIncelette: This is wild. I give you that her nominations for “Doubt” or “August: Osage County” are undeserving, but half of her nominations? Nah. They all deserving. The sad thing is not that. The sad thing is that when Meryl Streep has 19 nominations, and Tilda Swinton has 1. I mean they should’ve give Tilda a few more as well.

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Joe: I think Sarah Paulson will be the new lead of the show and will be the face of the show. I’m assuming that this discussion is only open to veteran actresses (as it should be). I would love to see Sally Field for some reason, I don’t know why though ahah

Macbeth: No one needs to actually come and replace her outright – we have a fantastic cast already of Kathy Bates, Sarah Paulson, Angela Bassett, Patti LaBelle, Frances Conroy – one of them should just be bumped up. I also think we should have a more male-centric season, and with next season most likely being about nuclear testing, we could have a season set in the military.

KyleBailey: Rene Russo would be a great pick with her recent comeback. But I also like the idea of Michelle Pfeiffer. But I do agree it would be nice to shake it up by making a male lead again. Maybe Danny Huston could bump up. I also read an article that Dianne Wiest is having money problems because she’s not getting any work. This would be a perfect show for her working with people like Bates, Bassett, and Conroy.

Gone Guy: In an EW article once, Ryan Murphy said his two dream actresses are Reese Witherspoon and Michelle Pfeiffer. It said something along the lines of having a specific arc in mind for Witherspoon that he’s holding for her and her only. He didn’t go into detail with Pfeiffer, but man oh man… This could do wonders for Pfeiffer’s career.

JLRobertsJr: Demi Moore is also a good choice and she is a friend of Jessica’s. Melanie Griffith would also be a interesting choice. What she’s done to her face would be scary enough.

2014 Gold Derby Film Awards nominations
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Matthew Ward: I think this is an excellent list of nominees. Definitely more exciting than the Oscars this year.

Halo Insider: This definitely felt like something Gold Derby could be proud of. A varied mix of artistic and commercial films, almost all of which carrying a high degree of quality to them. Quite a few more inspired nominations than I would’ve expected, including the mentions of Ralph Fiennes, Tilda Swinton, and Andy Serkis (though the caveat there would be that I think he gives a lead performance). Also very happy that Felicity Jones was left out for her somewhat unremarkable, though quite decent, work in The Theory of Everything.

AviChristiaans: The Jennifer Aniston nomination warmed my heart all day. Thank you so much Gold Derby! (Would love it if we all gave her the damn Best Actress Gold Derby Award…..but that would be pushing it…..so yah.)

Eddy Q: Best Breakthrough Performer category is just soooo predictable and mainstream. As well as not even breakthroughs, most of them. It’s a vague term, but here I would define it as the first time an actor has any substantial role in a film that received some sort of recognition, whether critical acclaim, award nominations or box office success. It’s such a waste; we could’ve honoured Ellar Coltrane, Agata Trzebuchowska, Katherine Waterston, Gugu Mbatha-Raw and many more besides.

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